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Book a low cost car rental Kos Airport deal today. Kos Town is built on the old town of Polis and its ruins can be seen right here today. The impressive Castle of the Knights of St John is at the end of the mainland and used to be attached to it by a stone bridge. Kos lies just off the coast of Turkey in spite of being the 3rd biggest of the Greek Dodecanese islands and is situated in the Aegean Sea. Kos Town is the capital of the island and lies just fifteen kilometres from the Airport meaning transfer times are kept to a minimum. A lot of people associate Kos City with lager louts, boozy Brits and noisy clubs and bars, however this beautiful isle has so much more to offer than that.

Of all of the Greek islands, vacations on Kos are possibly the most magnificent. Greek holidays on the island of Kos offer plenty to do and see and have attracted visitors for numerous years. Kos has much to offer for a variety of age groups. Kos City is the cultural hub of the island. It features lots of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and other venues one might anticipate from the  town although Kos Town consists of only roughly 15,000 people. There’s a 14th century castle constructed by the Knights of Saint John of Rhodes. Holidays in Kos are frequently spent absorbing the rich culture left here by settlers as early the eleventh century BC.

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Whitewashed buildings and old structures form a sort of medley of new and old observed best in places like the Kos Islands Greece. Holidays in Kos also usually include a tour of the Plane Tree of Hippocrates which is a temple within the centre of town where the famous physician was said to have taught. This temple is really an ancient tree, that is now largely held up by scaffolding simply because of its age. You will find a quantity of museums and institutes in the town dedicated to Hippocrates. You will also find a quantity of interesting ruins around the city as well, such as Asklepieion where Herodicus reportedly taught Hippocrates about medicine. While you cannot deny that the centre of city is a party hot spot, the outskirts are much more civilized and friendly.

Along the promenade you are able to select from a range of shops and restaurants where families are always welcome. The quaint harbour area has fishing boats glistening within the bright sunlight and cruise boats waiting to take you isle hopping or over towards the Turkish mainland for the day. The two little sand and pebble beaches provide a large range of water sports or simply relax and spend some significant time working on your tan. While the new part of city is modern and lively the old area has some fantastic Venetian styled structures and Roman Baths. You will find lots of pavement cafes and terraces to relax at and just view as the world goes quietly by. So if you are coming to Kos for the nightlife, try and spare some time to visit some of the more cultural sights on the island. The very best time to travel is between May and September when rainfall is at a minimum and temperatures are high.

The ideal time to go to the island and also the best opportunity of finding bargain-priced Kos holidays would be early or late season when the weather is much more bearable and the town a little quieter. The isle is very tourist-oriented, and as a result Kos holidays are filled with both excitement and relaxation, whichever interests you more. You will find lots of bustling harbour towns and quaint villages with a number of annual festivals taking place in any period. Ferries to other islands are available, so planning an island-hopping trip across a number of of them is not difficult. Actually, Kos is just one isle inside a relatively long chain of volcanic Greek islands, almost all of which could be accessed from an adjacent one.