Car Hire Corfu Airport

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Corfu has been a well-liked holiday location for decades. Steeped in mythology, the island features in numerous tales of Ancient Greece. It is the most northerly of the Ionian Islands off the west coast of Greece, Inhabited in the Palaeolithic era, Corfu has had a turbulent and colorful history, still visible in current times by the remains of fortifications and look-out posts close to the isle.

Frequently understated, today’s Corfu is an isle of outstanding beaches, spectacular coastlines and scenic countryside. Some of the most beautiful beaches and colorful villages in Greece can be found on the island, with Corfu hotels offering traditional style and genuine quality for visitors who want to encounter the real Corfu and its exotic range of points to enjoy sights to see and locations to relax and recharge.

Far from being just an additional package deal vacation location, Corfu is being rediscovered by travelers looking for a more upmarket leisure retreat. Relaxation with additional interest is one way of describing Corfu. A major attraction of holidays in Corfu is the mixture of exciting and adventurous activities in some tranquil locations.  Totally empty beaches that seem untouched by human life yet burst with a myriad of flora and fauna can turn probably the most uninterested visitor into a nature enthusiast.

Corfu simply is a location of discovery, and a vacation right here totally debunks the modern misconception that the island is just an another of those low cost flights destinations providing not a lot more than the bare minimum. Corfu’s holiday heritage goes back to Victorian occasions, and while the exact same organic beauty with the coast and countryside can still be discovered, the variety of things to complete has improved over time.

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Thanks to the cozy and clear Mediterranean waters, swimming, wind surfing and jet skiing could be enjoyed at a range of levels, with plenty of areas to hire out gear and get lessons and more new sports activities to try out as long as you can cram them into your break on Corfu. A healthy number of days at the seaside is suggested for any visitor to Corfu, and beaches about the isle can vary from overdeveloped and crowded to some hidden away gems that remind you what holidays are all about.

Glyfada on the west coast is one of the cleanest on the isle, and with a excellent choice of water based actions to appreciate, a normal destination for water sports lovers. Should you venture inland on Corfu, you are able to stumble upon hidden villages and secret areas with mountains, olive groves and all the color and intrigue of an isle whose crowded resorts can quickly fade from memory since the warm Mediterranean waters lap the area of your boat or kayak.