Car Hire Rodez Airport

We provide superb value for money car rental Rodez Airport deals from many of the major rental car companies in France. Through working relationships with Marcillac Airport organizations, we will find you a deal that wont be beaten. Ryanair offer flights from Dublin International airport to Rodez-Marcillac Airport. The international airport is situated about 12 kilometres from the town of Rodez. You will find no public transport choices from the airport so there are two possible choices either hire a taxi which will cost about 20 euro to get to the town and takes about 15 minutes or hire a car at Rodez Airport which obviously is where we come in handy.

Rodez Marcillac is an international airport which has steadily grown in stature over the years. There are two runways at the airport. The Worldwide runway is more than 2000 metres in length whilst the smaller runway is around 800 metres long. The airport handles close to 165,000 people every yr. Ryanair began operating at the air port in 2003 with its Dublin airport route commencing recently enough – May 2008. Air France started operating a Paris connection in 2002. A new departure lounge was opened at the airport this year.

Flights arrive daily from Stansted Airport via Ryanair. You will find three flights obtainable from Rodez to Paris every day as well as two flights to Lyon Airport. Situated in the middle of the mountains, it can be astonishing to arrive upon Rodez. Unexpectedly urban, this tiny city features wonderful shopping and dining. The city’s striking cathedral features a Virgin Mary that is about two hundred and fifty feet tall. Rodez is filled with historic buildings in old Vieux Rodez, nicely marked beginning at the cathedral with plaques for any self-guided walking tour. There is a wonderful open-air marketplace 3 days a week.

Rodez is a truly ideal spot for travelers who cannot decide between a city or country break as this city is much like an island within the center of nowhere. The tourism office’s slogan is – City pleasures within the heart of the countryside. Nestled in the Avéyron, the region is certainly postcard-worthy. It is rich in historical attractions with a number of chateaus and bastides. Charming stone cottages maintain lone watches over vast expanses of land. Sheep farms line the countryside. 

You can take the train from Paris to Rodez. You are able to get close to Rodez and its instant region on the Octobus which operates a number of lines running a brisk schedule. A good choice is to rent a car at Rodez Airport, if not for the entire visit, then for a day or two of trips into the Avéyron.

Situated as it is in the center of the country, it could be a delightful surprise to discover the wonderful shopping possibilities in Rodez. Its narrow streets are lined with boutiques as well as chain stores. Its open-air marketplace, held Wednesday and Saturday mornings and Friday afternoons, sprawls from the square in front of the cathedral and trickles onto area streets. The vendors there have fantastic plump olives, spices in all the colors of the rainbow along with numerous produce and plants.