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About Girona Airport

Girona Airport is a low cost flight location provided by Ryanair to Spain. The service is used primarily by people wishing to get to Barcelona.

The airport is one hundred kilometres from Barcelona and generally takes about 1 hr and 10 minutes to reach.


There are flights to Girona Airport from Dublin and Shannon. Girona Airport is eighteen kilometres from the city of Girona.

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Girona Guide

Despite most Irish travelers utilising Girona as a base to get to Barcelona, the town itself ought to not be dismissed and definitely has plenty to provide visitors.

History and Architecture

There’s a lot to see for those with a keen interest in Spanish history and architecture as well as luscious sandy beaches for those looking for some me time.

Girona is a beautiful, quaint town with a varied history. The town was inhabited by Romans, Jews and Moors at various times in Spain’s history, and traces of each group can still be observed in this lovely town.

The 13th century Baroque cathedral is a stunning construction located in the old quarter of the town. Right here you can view some wonderful gothic style architecture.

Girona and the Dali Triangle are destinations known to the lucky few. This region in Catalonia is one with many undiscovered gems of Spain.

Transport to Barcelona from Girona

Girona may be over 100 km from Barcelona, but no one who chooses to visit Spain ought to miss this beautiful region. Easily accessible by train, bus or a rental car, this destination recalls some of Spain’s most interesting history and one of its best artistic minds.

Girona Neigbourhoods

The Old Quarter is the centre of the town’s historic district, filled with medieval arches and dark winding passageways that recall a different era.

Filled with churches, lovely aged houses and cobblestone drives, this picturesque section of town has houses dating from the middle ages and a number of beautiful cathedrals.

The old Jewish neighborhood, called El Call is especially interesting to explore.

An old roman tower and also the Jewish History Museum are of interest to many, as is the town’s art museum featuring over one thousand years of artworks.


The dialect is Catalan, not Spanish, but the language of the beautiful sights will speak to all site visitors.

Treat Yourself

Not far from here you can indulge yourself with an Arab bath. This is a fantastic Roman building dating back towards the twelfth century. The Frigidarium or cold water room is definitely a remarkably distinctive experience indeed. It contains an ancient poster bed-style bath.

A promenade comparable to the one in Barcelona, “La Rambla” will bring forward thoughts of a simpler time. This beautiful street with overhanging trees, shops, small cafes and excellent restaurants has changed a little over time, but its charm hasn’t lessened.

La Cerdanya

A quick drive will lead you to La Cerdanya which can be found in the centre of the Pyrenees. Right here you will find some excellent possibilities for winter sports especially skiing.

Those wishing to take in some windsurfing should head for El Plá de l’Estany.

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In Figueres, visitors can tour the Dali designed Museum-Theatre. Fancifully created by the artist himself, this building features big white eggs on the roof, a bright red colour and loaves of bread created of glazed ceramics on the outside walls.

Inside, visitors can look at several of Dali’s most famous works, including “Rainy Taxi.” Dali is buried on site.