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There are bus services available from Nice Airport to Monte Carlo as well as taxi services.

About Monaco

Monaco is a tiny independent state located between the Mediterranean and the Alps. You will find 4 parts – Monaco-Ville, the Condamine, Monte Carlo and Fontvieille. The Vatican is the only state within the world that’s more compact than Monaco.

It is renowned for its wealth and high class tourism business. Numerous  people who reside in Monaco do so for tax factors. Italy is just a 17 kilometre drive away. If you’re arriving from Ireland or the UK then the simplest choice will most likely be to get a flight to Nice Airport which is about 25 miles from the centre of Monaco.

Monaco is a completely urban region. The Royal Palace in Monaco dates back to the 13th century. It sits over a cliff and is really a mixture of various design styles favored by rulers over many years.

There are lots of places to see in Monaco which will keep any traveler entertained including museums, historical sites, excellent shops and casinos. Monaco-Ville is an enormously pretty region to discover by foot. Exquisite pedestrian walkways lead to excellent sights for example the Cathedral, the City Hall and also the Saint Martin Gardens. Famous all over the world, the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium is well worth visit.

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Right here you can marvel at various sea creatures both skeletal and stuffed as well as view exhibits of marine fauna. There are over 4000 species of fish in the aquarium.

Should you fancy mixing it with some of the world richest gamblers then head for the Grand Casino in Monte Carlo. There is an entrance fee and a passport is required. There’s also a strict dress code.

Car Hire Monaco

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Formula 1

The Formula 1 Grand Prix is the main highlight on Monaco’s calendar. It is a 77 lap race more than 263 kms. You can get an excellent close up look at the action though the best seats could be very pricey. Canny locals often rent their premises to F1 fans for extortionate rates. We offer some excellent premium car rental deals should you wish to fit in with the locals.

French Riviera

Though small in size, the French Riviera is among the most heavily populated areas within the world. Tourists can remain in vacation villas with swimming pools near the beach or luxury self catering apartments in the town, these are obtainable for lease direct through the vacation house owners.

Celebrities in Monaco

Monaco is known for celebrities who arrive and live right here along with other wealthy people. It’s really a impressive illustration of a state without any natural resources and is really a small city which turned into a world class traveler destination.

There are lots of points to see in Monaco. This place is ideally situated for tourists to explore the Provence that is the France Riviera.


The Palace at present is the residence of the Sovereign Monaco Prince and his family however it also has a lot of superbly appointed apartments. There are Palace tours which are scheduled when the Prince and his loved ones aren’t present.

For tourists who are the socialising kins, why not lease a vacation villa or luxurious condo and use this as a base to explore the local culture.

Monaco is well-known for its music programs and lifestyle around the world. For those thinking about music why not visit the Opera in Monaco where there’s excellent music and you can appreciate some of the the finest theatres within the world. There is the Salle Garnier, which is the exact imitation, only more compact of the Paris Opera House.

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