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Crete Heraklion Airport

The main airport serving Crete is called Heraklion Airport or Kazantzàkis International Airport. It is the second busiest Greek airport located five kilometres from Heraklion City.

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Car Rental Crete Airport

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Crete Guide

When selecting a holiday location, Crete is one of Europe’s greatest. A Crete Island holiday is great value for your cash and there may be a lot to see and do that you wouldn’t have though of.

From spectacular scenery in deep mountain gorges, to sun-drenched crazy, club crammed resorts to the beginning of civilization itself, Crete is not just some balmy, palm laden beach that inspired a famous chocolate advert.


Crete was a distinctive Roman settlement almost forgotten throughout the world. It was an awe inspiring ghostly deserted place once home to Europe’s last leper colony.

These days of course the island has something for everybody, and may be your top Greek destination.


Going to a new nation can be a little scary, particularly if the culture is different to the one you are used to.

Also, many top rated European vacation destinations attract Europe’s best pick-pockets, muggers and thieves. Security and safety can be a continual worry for travelers.

Crete, on the other hand is among the safest destinations to visit for foreign tourists, with a really low crime level. If you are searching for a secure holiday destination, then you cannot get much much better than Crete.

Good Value Holiday

In comparison with other top European vacation destinations, Crete rates for accommodation and dining-out are really favourable.

Enjoy a beer whilst watching the world go by. As for the hard stuff, here on the island they give it free following your meal!

Outdoor Activities in Crete

Samaria Gorge is one of Europe’s greatest parks and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

It’s a challenging hike but worth it for its magnificent scenery, rare wild animals and flowers. you may have aching legs after the sixteen kilometre stroll so you’ll need to be reasonably fit!

Stroll through the haunted streets and passageways formally the thoroughfares for the last leper colony in Europe.


Spinalonga is a small isle just off the north coast of eastern Crete. It is sometimes mentioned that the Greek government turned the island into a leper colony to scare away any lingering Turks following Greece gaining independence from them.

Up until 1957 the Island was home to a distinctive community of lepers and their families.

Now you are able to visit and see the houses, shops, the hospital and also the church that was the centre of life on the here.


Knossos is among the world’s most important and famous archaeological sites of the ancient Minoan Civilization.

Said to be among the world’s very first. palaces, mansions and houses of worship are revealed, some uniquely and some say controversially restored to what they would have looked like five thousand years ago.


Aptera is among the most essential archaeological sites of its type, an old Roman Settlement and large Turkish fort overlooking spectacular views of the Bay of Souda in western Crete.

It’s and almost forgotten treasure, worth a visit if only to experience some of the greatest views in Europe.


Vai is a magnificent palm seaside beach with pink sand, and Europe’s largest palm tree forest, located at the far eastern end of the Isle. There is a blue lagoon as well, to add towards the feeling of being on a Caribbean island. An actual taste of Paradise.

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