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Consider a car hire Zante Airport deal for your next Greek holiday. Zakynthos also known as Zante is the third biggest of the Ionian Islands. It is renowned for the beautiful beaches that surround it. The crystal waters are warm and inviting, evoking feelings of paradise.

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Zante Guide

Frequent boats depart from Argostoli so you can tour the island with stops at secluded beaches and islets. Probably the most well known seaside resorts on Zakynthos are found around the eastern and southern regions although the northern part has some remote beaches to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Beach Life

Sun beds and umbrellas are offered and bars are discovered along the beach. The sandy coast of Laganas supplies the perfect environment for the Caretta-Caretta sea turtle which is an endangered species that goes to the the sandy Zante seashores to lay its eggs. This means Laganas and a few other Zakynthos beaches are part of a National Marine Park that protects the turtle.

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Vacationers are asked to be careful when they visit to ensure that they’re not going to disturb the reproduction method of the sea turtle. Laganas is among the spots to head to if you would like to go to a well-known tourist centre and take advantage of the partying and nightlife.

Bars and Restaurants

There’s also a lot of standard bars and eating places for family members. There is a long beach which can be utilized in the daytime and there is always something to do. You will find little watersports in most of this area in the summertime months so as to safeguard the turtle eggs.

Zante Town

The capital – Zante (same name as the island) is also a popular spot to holiday in. The main street is really a Marina hosting Solomos Square and St. Markos Square at one end and also the Church of St. Dennis at the other. In case you are staying around here and you want to experience the nightlife, make sure you take a trip to the neighborhood town of Argassi which is a hub of clubs and bars.

You can drive to your hearts content soaking up all Zante has to offer. The Western mountain towns offer more secluded seashores as well as a quieter lifestyle. They can be a great alternative to the tourist spots.

Water Sports

You could also consider trekking within this Western area if you do not wish to hire transport. On the beaches you could try a range of water sports and you also can also scuba dive into hidden underwater caves or snorkel to find some marine life.

Zakynthos enjoys a temperate climate that matches its residents unhurried way of life. Visitors will discover that this makes for an ideal holiday environment as they can take it easy while enjoying genuine Greek tradition and scenes. If you want a fantastic location that offers excellent value for value for money then consider Zante.

It’s got some of the best scenery you will see anywhere. The island is small at just 40 kilometers long and 20 wide but is blessed with a significant range of golden beaches spread over its shoreline.

The most stunning beach on the island is probably Smugglers Cove. You can only get there by boat but its worth a visit.  Get there early and have your camera ready.

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