Car Hire Sharm El Sheikh Airport

Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime with a car rental Sharm El Sheikh Airport service. The name – Sharm el Sheikh translates to the city of Peace. It is situated on the southern tip of the Sinai peninsular. Sharm El Sheikh Flights are available any time of the year and are available from a wide variety of European and International airports regularly. Booking a flight early gives you a better chance of obtaining a bargain-priced flight to Sharm El Sheikh. The airport is north of the cities of Naama Bay and the old Sharm city and is only about ten kilometres away from Naama bay in the south while Nabq is about twelve kilometres to the north so you are only a few minutes from Sharks bay towards the north. Irregardless of where you stay there is going to be very little trouble acquiring transport from the airport terminal to your accommodation. There are regular airport shuttles, taxi’s and some resorts run shuttle buses to carry tour groups. You will find Sharks Bay on the eastern part of the southern most point of the Sinai Peninsula. Sharm el Sheikh and Naama Bay provide excellent beaches restaurants and bars and are close to Sharks Bay. The resort is an excellent spot to discover the Red Sea’s intriguing undersea kingdom including the stunning coral reefs that among the greatest seen worldwide. Another option for visitors is a beautiful Nile Cruise taking in the glorious cities of Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor on the Mediterranean.

We offer our car hire Egypt service in numerous locations throughout the country. When on a Nile cruise you will find a lot of options to consider such as the Great Pyramid and Sphinx nearby Cairo or the Valley of the Kings in close proximity to Luxor while the twin temples of Abu Simbel around the banks of Lake Nasser are also certainly worthy of your attention. Egypt is steeped in history with pyramids, relics and tombs waiting to be explored. The months of July and August boast thirteen hours of sunshine each day making this period the best time for diving within the crystal blue seas. In November the temperature drops to a cooler twenty seven degrees with little rainfall, maybe just one day during the entire month. The winter season goes from the beginning of December to February but temperatures only drop to around twenty two degrees. Water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, para sailing and boating are popular here and it is thought to be to amongst the best locations within the world for these pursuits due to Sharm’s tranquil waters practically year-round.

Close to the Red Sea there are a number of eye-catching underwater landscapes and warm waters making this an ideal location for diving. There are so many pristine seashores and natural sights that its no wonder that tourism is the main business in Sharm el Sheikh. Discriminating travelers will be happy to find out that a number of worldwide hotel chains have their very own presence within the city.  Numerous dining establishments throughout the metropolis cater to visitors from different nations offering up exotic cuisines as well as regional cuisines and European menus.