Car Hire Parma Airport

Renting a car in Parma is a great option. There are six car rental Parma Airport desks. Try to book prior to arriving in Parma as you are likely to have better options should you prepare early. There will be also much less waiting about. Parma Airport or Giuseppe Verdi International airport – named after the excellent composer – is located just 2.5 kms from the city of Parma. The airport is conveniently placed between the cities of Milan and Bologna. Transport possibilities in the airport to the town consist of a bus service operated by TEP which costs less than 1 euro for a single trip or you have the choice of getting a taxi which will set you back around 10 euro. If you can not get a taxi waiting outside the air port then simply ask the information desk to call one for you personally.

Traveling from Ireland to Parma means a connecting flight such as Ryanair’s flight from London Stansted. Parma Airport connects to numerous other airports in Italy including Catania and Palermo as well as Air Alps connection to Rome Leonardo da Vinci Airport terminal. There’s a huge amount of cultural and historical delights to get stuck into within the Parma and Emilia Romagna region. Parma acts as an excellent base to discover parts of central and northern Italy. Appreciate the superb conventional foods of the region and also the excellent purchasing opportunities.

Fine examples of Romanesque art can be found in the centre of Parma with the Cathedral and Baptistery. There’s a  strong French influence on the town due to Napoleons second wife Maria Luigia. For somebody looking for a European vacation destination they would do well to take into account the Emilia-Romagna area of northern Italy. It’s an area of Italy named for a road that was constructed by the Ancient Romans almost two thousand, two hundred years ago. It like a lot of Italy is recognized throughout the world for its history, its many tourist attractions, local food, and wine. A historic city that has changed hands frequently over the centuries and to this day nevertheless maintains a large France effect. Historically Parma is the place from which culinary delights for example Parmesan cheese and Parma ham very first originated.

In the center of Parma is Piazza Garibaldi – Garibaldi Square. Among the many sights you’ll want to see are the 16th Century church Santa Maria della Steccata and its frescos, the 12th Century Duomo and close by Battistero (Baptisry), and several other culture laden churches and museums. Parma is also recognized for its opera at the Teatro Regio. Neighboring town Modena is the home of opera singer Luciano Pavarotti. No journey into any region of Italy will be right without considering its wine. Emilia-Romagna ranks fifth amongst the twenty Italian regions for acreage devoted to wine grapes and fourth for total annual wine production. The region produces about fifty seven percent red and forty three percent white wine. Keep in mind that Emilia-Romagna is an area where the food is considered as good as the wine.