Car Hire Pescara Airport

You will find eight car rental Pescara Airport desks. Play it safe and book in advance so as to secure your preferred car at a reasonable cost. You are able to get from the airport terminal to the city in about ten minutes. Pescara Airport or Abruzzo International Airport is situated four kms from the city of Pescara. There are no direct flights from Ireland without obtaining a connecting flight at Stansted International airport with Ryanair most likely one of the better selections. The international airport is utilized as a hub by Ryanair and Italia Airlines.

There’s a bus operated by GTM which costs 90 cent for a 1 way trip. There’s also the option of a taxi which will set you back close to 15 euro. Rome could be reached in just 2 hours from the airport. Passenger numbers at Pescara International airport have rose steadily over the years and with airlines for example Ryanair adding more routes. Its a trend which definitely looks likely to carry on. In 1996 the air port catered for almost 72,000 passengers. In the year 2000 this figure had rose to 114,000 and by 2004 this figure had more than tripled reaching 340,000. Last year the international airport broke the 400,000passenger barrier for the very first time.

Pescara is a coastal city situated just hours from Rome. Pescara was an essential maritime port of the Roman Empire, nowadays its transformed into a populated location having a wealthy economy that encompasses industries for example foods and chemicals, creating materials, production and clothing, but specially the tourism industry.

The sandy beaches of Pescara are amongst the favorite summer destinations in Italy, even though the city’s advantageous climate makes it an appropriate destination to visit all year round. In spite of its historic background, there are not ancient ruins to go to in this city because it was devastated by Nazis during World War II, although many buildings and monuments were successfully restored after Pescara’s reconstruction in the 1960s and guided city tours can take you to discover them. Walking around the town visitors can enjoy the distinctive architecture of Pescara admiring its waterfront residences or finding the historic creations that survived the war, including the Church from the Spirito Santo, the Cathedral of San Cetteo and the Sant’Andrea Apostolo.

With regards to sightseeing some of the areas to go to close to Pescara consist of the Museo Cascella and Museo Ittico and the Palazzo del Governo, exactly where past and present of Pescara possess a permanent display along with sheep-raising culture that was the former activity of founder residents. Pescara has also twenty one ski places that operate in the highest region from the Apennines towards the Adriatic Sea, so even in winter Pescara has tourist activity at resorts such as Campo Imperatore, Roccaraso, and Campo Felice.

When it comes to mountains, there are many others providing hiking and climbing possibilities, for example the Corno Grande, the Corno Piccolo, the Majella, Ill Calderone, along with other smaller peaks. Throughout the yr, the streets of Pescara are also filled by the harmonious sounds coming from folk festivals and also the bustling activity around the city’s ice-cream shops and its traditional trattories. Summer time also sees the annual International Jazz Festival, and also the Ennio Flaiano prize that’s awarded to the greatest performers and writers on theater, cinema, television, and literature.