Car Hire Weeze Airport

You may want to avail of our low-priced car hire Weeze Airport service which finds hire cars via just about all the main local providers and compares prices which makes for an easy decision. Hiring a car at Weeze Airport can be a good realistically priced choice that is well worth considering if you intend on touring about Germany. It takes around eighty mins in order to reach Dusseldorf from Weeze.

There was over one and a half million travellers at Weeze Airport in the last year which meant an incredible eighty percent improvement compared to the previous year.

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Weeze Airport can be found 70 kms from Düsseldorf. A few other well known places close by include the Dutch city of Arnhem which is 60 kms away. The city of Weeze is located in the region of the Lower Rhine. It\’s a smallish town with more than ten thousand inhabitants.

The airport is just about five kms away from Weeze Town. The established name of Weeze International airport is Niederrhein Airport terminal. Ryanair have elected Weeze one of their hub airports and that has contributed substantially to voyager quantities at the air port. There was a great deal of dialogue about the naming of the airport terminal in recent years with Ryanair in particular eager to have Dusseldorf included with its name nonetheless it was considered misleading therefore has not transpired yet.

Weeze lies very near to the Dutch boundary which means its utilized by Dutch voyagers as regularly as German.