Car Hire Vigo Airport

Transport possibilities include a car rental Vigo Airport service which can be booked in advance right here. Buses run every half  hour into Vigo and cost just a euro. Taxis will also be available with a fare to Vigo costing around 20 euro while a fare to Pontvedra will cost around 35 euro. Vigo can be found in Galicia on the North East coast of Spain within the province of Pontevedra. Vigo Airport or Vigo-Peinador Airport as it is also recognized is situated nine kilometres from the Town.

Today, Vigo is one of the essential cities of Galicia. Vigo was once a little village which suffered several attacks by invaders. At that time Vigo was so small that it was not even considered as a village. Now Vigo is not only an essential town, but its also the biggest city. It now draws in numerous tourists. There is a park called Guia Park on the top of the hill known as Teis. The park is full of Pine and Oak trees. Being located on the top of the hill, it presents a spectacular view of the surrounding locations such as the city of Vigo and Islands known as Cies. You will find a chapel which was constructed centuries ago.

This chapel is dedicated to the lady from the snows. A botanical garden has also been developed at the foot of the hill. The main beach is known as Argazaba beach. This is really a small seaside, 1 mile in length. The uniqueness of this beach is the fact that it’s got numerous water fountains. You will find also foot baths and showers. Numerous recreations like water sports, roller skating are also possible. Of course numerous restaurants are also there for visitors to relish some of the local specialties. This beautiful beach draws in a large quantity of visitors. If you are physically tired of touring or totally exhausted after water sports on the beach then try some Vigo nightlife. Just walk to the Caixanova Cultural display located in the heart of the city. Numerous shows like drama, dance, concerts, film exhibits, and so on are held regularly in this cultural centre.

Vigo Airport has experienced rapid growth in passenger numbers over the last decade. A comparison of numbers in 1995 and 2008 shows an increase of nearly 900,000 passengers. Almost 18,000 flights used the airport in 2008. It mainly deals with domestic flights with Air Europa flying to Madrid, Tenerife and Lanzarote while Iberia Airlines fly to Bilbao, Valencia and Madrid. Irish travelers might find it best to get a direct flight to Santiago de Compostela Airport which is 73 kms from Vigo. There is a self service restaurant within the airport offering traditional local fare. Seafood is really a great choice here as is sampling some of the local wines. One of the things Vigo is renowned for is its football team – Celta Vigo. Vigo’s football stadium was used to host a game in the 1982 World Cup.