Car Hire Valladolid Airport

Hire a car at Valladolid Airport for your next Spanish holiday. Four car rental Valladolid desks are in operation at the airport. Valladolid is located in North Central Spain on the River Pisuerg. Wine connoisseurs will be conscious that its part of the Ribera del Duero area that is renowned for its wine making.

Valladolid Airport is about a 10 kilometre drive from the city. Thanks to the influx of budget airlines such as Ryanair, traffic has grown quickly over recent years. In 2008 there were almost 285,000 more passengers than in 2001. The airport now annually deals with close to 13,000 flights. You will find no direct flights from Valladolid to Ireland. Ryanair offer flights from Stansted, Weeze, Brussels and Bergamo Airport. Domestic connections are obtainable via Iberia Airlines with flights to Barcelona, Gran Canaria and more while Air Europa fly to Majorca and Tenerife South. Bus providers are available from the airport as well as taxis. Anticipate to pay around 20 euro for a trip into Valladolid.

The heart of the old town is the sixteenth-century Plaza Mayor, presided over by a statue of Count Ansúrez. On one part of it stands the City Hall, a building from the star of the century crowned by the clock tower. Within the nearby streets is the Palace of Los Pimentel, nowadays the seat of the Provincial Council, is one of the most essential, as King Philip the 2nd was born in it. The Museum of Valladolid exhibits a collection of furniture, sculptures, paintings and ceramic pieces. The National Sculpture Museum is located in San Gregorio College, a Flemish Gothic style building . Her you will find polychrome carvings created by artists like Alonso Berruguete or Gregorio Fernández. 

Visiting Spain is top of many peoples agendas during the summer months. Just having a chance to get away and relax for a while can breathe new life and be incredibly invigorating.The Museum of Modern Spanish Art, located within the Herreriano Courtyard, one of the cloisters of the former Monastery of San Benito, preserves more than eight hundred paintings and sculptures in the twentieth century. The University, whose Baroque facade is decorated with numerous academic symbols, and also the Santa Cruz College, which as well as housing a library forms one of the very first examples of the Spanish Renaissance. Those having a keen interest in architecture will discover plenty to admire in the Castile-León. Here you are able to see the cathedral of Valladolid too as well as the Gothic church of Saint Benedict and also the San Pablo Church. There are also several wine tours obtainable which include stops such as Quintanilla de Onésimo, Vega Sicilia and Peñafiel.

Valladolid may not be the 1st place you think of when considering a holiday to spain but if it is Spanish culture you are after then you really cant go wrong with a trip here. Although an inland province, fish is frequently consumed. Brought in the Cantabrian Sea, fish like red bream and hake are a major part of Valladolid’s cuisine. The primary specialty of Valladolid is, however, lechazo. The lechazo (lamb) is gradually roasted in a wood oven and served with salad. Valladolid also provides an excellent assortment of wild mushrooms. Asparagus, endive and beans can also be found. Some legumes, like white beans and lentils are particularly great. Pine nuts are also produced in great quantities. Easter holds  – Semana Santa – which is among the greatest known Catholic traditions in Valladolid. The Great Friday processions are regarded an exquisite and rich display of Castilian religious sculpture. On this day, within the morning, members of the brotherhoods on horseback make a poetic proclamation all through the town. The Sermon from the Seven Words is spoken in Plaza Mayor Square. Within the afternoon, a large number of people take part in the Passion Procession.