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Visit Estonia this year and take advantage of one of our cheap car rental at Tallinn Airport offers. The city of Tallinn is a popular tourist vacation spot well known for its preserved old City, frantic nightlife as well as its parks, gardens, zoos and lots of other items. There are so many things to see and do in the intriguing metropolis of Tallinn. Vanalinn is Tallinn’s old city which is covered with lovely winding cobblestone avenues, towers and Hanseatic architecture. Here you will find a great deal of bars, shops, outlets and more. Kadriorg Palace is one of the most glorious destinations to stop at in Tallinn. It was established by the Russian czar Peter the 1st for his wife Katariina almost three hundred years ago. The vast area around the Palace is encased by a park. The palace also serves as an artwork area and its encompassing park is simply beautiful. Rocca al Mare is Tallinn’s main zoos that is home to over five thousand animals from three hundred and fifty different species including elephants, buffalo, seals, lions, monkeys, hippopotamus, birds and reptiles. The town is simply steeped in heritage.

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You will find loads of castles, public squares and lots of medieval architectural wonders dating from the fifteenth Century. A spot certainly worth visiting is the Neitsitorn tower which was a prison for prostitutes back in the day. In the old town you will find plenty of bars packed together. Take a tour around the different kinds of bars from conventional communist to hipper clubs to see the diversity of the bar and club culture and its evolution in Tallinn. The bars are open until four am in the morning. The VIP clubs and casino are worth a look if you fancy your luck. For somebody who enjoys skating or ice fishing Estonia in the winter months can be a fantastic spot to go to. Its winters can get really cold but due to the North Atlantic the summers stay really mild. The very best time to pay a visit to Estonia is during the months of May through to August, July is typically the warmest month in the year. Estonian Air is the national carrier and provides good value deals for vacationers. The primary of Estonia is about four kilometres from Tallinn centre and there is a bus connection from the airport to the city centre. The official name of the airport is Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport. There is an extensive variety of eating places and bars within the town of Tallinn together with vibrant nightclubs which host top club events from all over Europe.

An Estonian food speciality is smoked fish especially trout. Veal is also a very popular dish in Estonia. Its normally served roasted and it is accompanied with the local beer.  The top summer event in Tallinn is the Old Town Days Festival in the 1stweek of June while in December the Black Nights Film Festival brings the best of the year’s European films to Tallinn and there are a lot of other annual cultural events like Jazzkaar, NYYD, and more. Tallinn has about four hundred thousand inhabitants and half of these are Estonians with forty percent being Russians and ten percent made up of other nationalities. You are unlikely to notice that there are over one hundred and twenty nationalities living in Estonia.