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Much has been written concerning the beauty of Tuscany but there’s absolutely nothing like experiencing it firsthand. Our cheap Car rental Sienna service provides an affordable way of cramming in as many Tuscan delights as feasible. Siena may be the ideal location to begin your Tuscan adventure. Siena is located in Tuscany within the North West of Italy. It may also be written as Sienna. The closest airports are Florence and Pisa. Tourists flock to this historical town every year. The centre of the city is a World Heritage site.

The cathedral in Siena is a wonderful piece of Romanesque architecture. There had been lofty ambitions for that cathedral when work began on it with plans to make it the greatest cathedral within the world prior to funds running dry. Go inside this wonderful creation and take a look at Pisano’s octagonal pulpit. Excellent examples of 15th century sculpting can be found inside for example the baptismal font by Donatello. Head for Piazza del Campo and check out the Palazzo Pubblico, a splendid building in which you’ll find an art museum featuring the fresco functions of Ambrogio Lorenzetti which focus on the effects of governments over the years. If you fancy a nice stroll and some scenic surroundings then head for the botanical gardens which are looked after by the local university.

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A music festival happens every two years which features more than 30 concerts taking place at each city square. This event is operated in conjunction with the Siena School of Jazz. Often described as the greatest kept Medieval town in Italy, a visit to Siena is like going back in time. It is an easy day-trip from Florence, because it is only forty three miles south. A Bus ride to Siena may be the most well-liked mode of transportation. You are able to ride the SITA Bus from Florence, which takes about 90 minutes and can drop off at Tozzi, which is within jogging range of Piazza Del Campo. If arriving to a nearby airport you may wish to avail of our car hire Venice Airport service.

TrenItalia provides service from Santa Maria Novella Statzione to Siena Statzione, which is a 90 minute trip. You will find two trains – a direct one and 1 that demands you change trains in Empoli. The direct train usually arrives twenty minutes earlier. One point to keep in mind, the Siena train station isn’t within walking distance to Piazza Del Campo, which means you might need to consider a bus or taxi to get into city. The Bus will drop you in city and requires a brief walk to Piazza Del Campo. As soon as you get to Siena, you will find a number of sites to visit. A good location to start exploring is from Piazza Del Campo. It’s a shell-shaped field that was created in the 12th century and is considered to be the heart of Siena. Inside the Piazza, you’ll find a rectangular shaped fountain, Fonte Gaia, built in the 15th century.  Also within the Piazza is Palazzo Pubblico, which has served as Siena’s city hall for seven hundred years. To the left of Palazzo Pubblico is the the Bell Tower named Torre del Mangia. It’s thought be the 2nd highest tower in Italy at 102 meters tall. A short five hundred and five step climb will get you to the top of the Tower exactly where you will have magnificent views of Tuscany.