Car Hire Santander Airport

We provide a low cost car rental Santander Airport service all year round. Santander Airport – Parayas – is situated 6.5 km’s from the city of Santander. There are flights from Dublin Airport to Santander with Ryanair. Santander is situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast. Santander has become a well-liked tourist destination in recent times. It is the capital town of the province of Cantabria. Many new lower fare air routes have contributed to the rise in popularity.

The Maritime Museum is an interesting traveler attraction to begin with. Right here you’ll discover information on how the regions background continues to be molded by its surroundings. The town cathedral is also definitely worth a look. It is probably fair to say that the majority of holidaymakers visiting Santander are looking for beaches and sunshine. Playa de la Concha and Playa del Sardinero are two beaches really worth checking out. Santillana del Mar is about a 30 kilometre drive away where you are able to visit the famed Altamira Cave. The cave features drawings and rock paintings featuring human hands and wild mammals.

If you’re looking for a quiet traditional Spanish town then head for San Vicente de la Barquera which is about a 25 kilometre drive from Santander. There’s a unique bridge here with Roman origins. Santander really buzzes in August when the city plays host to a month long festival. Cantabria is an autonomous community of northern Spain having a coastline that overlooks the Cantabria Sea. The region is bordered by the Basque Nation towards the east, Castilla Leon to the south, and Asturias towards the west. Cantabria has much to offer visitors to the area having a mixture of mountainous massifs, rolling lush meadows and picturesque fishing ports. Santander is the region’s capital and may be the greatest place to begin any venture around the province as most locations can easily be reached inside a three hour vehicle with your car rental.

Santander is a contemporary commercial city and one of Spain’s primary ports of arrival for ferry passengers from Britain. In 1941, Santander fell victim to a great fire, which burned fanned by strong southerly winds. Only one individual was killed while the city was plunged into chaos and a lot of the historic centre was destroyed. The oldest remaining point to be found in Santander these days is the cathedral.

A lot of the tourism that comes to the region happens in the direction of the summer time holiday resorts to be found along the northern coastal strip. El Sardinero close to Santander is among the most popular beaches for visitors. It can get very busy throughout the summer months but the broad promenade, which is among the prettiest in Spain, runs the entire length of the seaside and there is a good supply of hotels and eateries to choose from. At one end of the seaside can be discovered Magdalena Park, which offers a beach playground, mini zoo and train circuit. The town of Comillas includes a picturesque sandy beach with plenty of parking nearby along with a fishing port. The seaside at Laredo is more than four km in length and has fine golden sand overlooked by a long promenade. It also provides good lifeguard facilities for people fascinated with surfing. Cantabria has numerous nationwide parks for people fascinated in the flora and fauna Spain has to provide. The Parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa was the first Spanish national park to obtain this classification in 1935.

The Picos de Europa Mountains are spread over the 3 provinces Asturias, Leon and Catalonia and include three massifs characterized by continuous rainfall and often snowfall on the peaks. The Nature Reserve offers some fantastic extremes of landscape including vertical drops of over two km. This northern region of Spain is an excellent destination for discovering some of the organic delights of this diverse nation. Stunning beaches and dramatic sheer cliff faces dominate the coastline, while the Picos de Europa could be found just twenty five km’s from the coast. Cantabria has a great selection of Nature Reserves both inside the mountainous areas and along its northern coastal stretch.