Car Hire Rouen

Arranging a car rental Rouen deal is an excellent way of discovering Normandy. It truly is a distinctive encounter to uncover the coast of Normandy little by little working at your personal pace. We presently provide a superb range of rental car offers. Rouen is located just 90 miles from Paris and is the capital of the Haute Normandy area. Its a city which has seen many modifications and historical events throughout its rich history.

Rouen is a beautiful town to take a relaxing stroll round. There’s much to admire in the medieval design structures around the city. The Fine art Museum situated in the Verdrelb square has impressionist works by numerous France greats. Rouen is renowned as the place exactly where Joan of Arc was executed within the 15th century. The Musée le Secq des Tournelles displays torture devices which can be viewed by the public. On Vieux-Marché there is a 20 metre cross which signifies the location exactly where Joan of arc was executed. There is a little airport serving Rouen situated in Boos 10 kilometres from Rouen. At the time of writing there are just 2 regular flights operating in the airport. These fly to Lyon and Le Havre.

We provide cars in numerous locations throughout Normandy. A visit to Rouen, Normandy “Old Town” can begin in the Location du Vieux Marché, where you are able to see the church dedicated to Joan of Arc and the place where the young lady was martyred. This really is a broad church and illuminated by precious windows dating from the sixteenth century. In the same square, may be the “Gros Horloge” or grand clock dating from medieval times. Nearby within the Location Marechal there is an ancient artifact, the Palais de Justice now totally restored in its original Gothic design. Among the religious structures in Rouen it is certainly the Cathedral Notre-Dame that stands out, although it was severely damaged throughout the second world war. This is an old cathedral church which was destroyed in the time of the Norman invasion after which it was rebuilt by Duke Rollo.

The bell tower, which rises to nearly eighty metres is certainly flamboyant in style. Inside we see the ogival vaults supported by slender columns with capitals decorated with acanthus leaves. Another religious building of significant importance in Rouen may be the Benedictine church of Saint Ouen built in the 14th and 15th century and extensively renovated within the 19th century. This is a excellent church, about one hundred and forty metres long with the vaults reaching a height of about thirty metres supported by slender columns and lit by windows from the fourteenth Century.

Dieppe makes for an superb day trip. Its a pleasant 66 kilometre drive from Rouen. Admire the white cliffs of Normandy and its breathtaking green pastures. Some of the other main urban areas in Normandy consist of Le Harve which is a one hundred and twenty eight kilometre drive and Caen that is one hundred and fifty six miles away. Cherbourg is nearly a 3 hour drive from Rouen. Some other suggested spots near to Rouen consist of Les Andelys which is a pretty village on the south part of the city and the harbour city of Les Andelys which is 90 kilometres away.