Car Hire Queenstown Airport

Get value for your money with a car rental Queenstown Airport service. Queenstown, New Zealand, is a little corner of the world where exotic beauty and extreme sports take the tourist economy by storm.  From the Queenstown Airport on Queen Street in Auckland, adventures of nearly every kind await you. Here are some of our favorite things to do once you have safely landed and have begun looking for adventure.

Not far from the Airport are plenty of snow-capped mountain peaks that offer plenty of adventure. There are loads of outfitters in this area willing to take beginning to intermediate to advanced skiers and snowboarders down runs they will never forget Or for something totally new, try heliskiing which is a unique adventure that New Zealand is the perfect place for. Just in case you were wondering, this form of skiing is essentially off-trail, downhill skiing that is accessed by a helicopter ride instead of a chair lift. That means that you will get two adventures packed into one if you opt to try a heliskiing adventure.

Bridge bungee jumping is another favorite activity that is very popular in New Zealand. The famous Karawau Bridge is the first jumping bridge ever made and it still offers 43 feet of pure exhilarating drop before floating its jumper just inches above the river below. The Ledge, the Nevis and Auckland Bridge are just a few other major bungee attractions that thousands come to this part of New Zealand for every year.

Just a few minutes away from the snowy mountain ski resorts or bungee jump platforms is the ocean which is a lovely place to snorkel and go scuba diving if so inclined. The pristine waters in the bay and in surrounding oceans provide the perfect diver’s paradise and plenty of sea life to admire. Choose from glass-bottomed boat tours to scuba dive tours with experienced guides and more to plan your perfect underwater getaway.

This jewel of a city is a lovely little town on the coast of a pristine country.   Despite its quiet, sleepy-town appeal, the city is bustling with exciting adventures that will take tourists from snowy mountaintops to clear skies to underwater marvels in just a matter of hours. If you are looking for an action packed adventurous vacation, Queenstown New Zealand is the place for you.