Car Hire Prestwick Airport

Car rental Prestwick Airport deals are a popular choice among passengers at this airport. We provide some of the cheapest offers you will find online. Glasgow Prestwick Airport is an international airport serving the Greater Glasgow urban region, situated 2 km’s northeast of the town of Prestwick in South Ayrshire, Scotland. Even though officially called Glasgow Prestwick Airport simply because it’s just thirty two miles from the town centre of Glasgow, it’s often referred to as just Prestwick Airport terminal. In physical conditions, Prestwick is Scotland’s largest commercial airfield, although in passenger traffic terms it sits in 4th position after Edinburgh International airport, Glasgow International and Aberdeen Airport terminal all of which are operated by BAA.

Passenger traffic peaked in 2007 after ten many years of rapid growth, driven in part through the boom in no-frills airlines particularly from Ryanair who is Prestwick’s biggest tenant and uses the airport as a hub. In 2009 however, there was a substantial reduction with passenger throughout falling by almost twenty five percent from 2.4 million in 2008 to 1.8 million in 2009. You will find rail, bus and taxi connections to Glasgow. Buses and trains leave each and every thirty mins. The train takes forty five minutes. If you’re traveling towards the west coast of Scotland by air on a budget airline like Ryanair the chances are that you will probably be arriving at Prestwick Airport. Most people arriving at this air port will probably be traveling onwards to some other part of Scotland.

The airport is situated on the west coast of Scotland in an area known as Ayrshire. Ayrshire is well-known for its championship golf programs. Troon and Turnberry are two of the recognized Golf courses in Ayrshire. The owners of the international airport have marketed it as Glasgow Prestwick Airport however the airport is positioned about 32 miles south of Glasgow. Glasgow has its own worldwide international airport about 10 miles outside Glasgow. As the two names are comparable it can cause a great deal of confusion. Frequently persons intending to fly out of Prestwick Airport have arrived at Glasgow Worldwide airport terminal only to discover they are at the wrong airport. They then have to obtain a taxi to drive them the 32 miles to Prestwick international airport with the hope of catching their flight.

The airport is serviced by all of the major car rental Prestwick organisations. There are other transport choices obtainable apart from car rental Glasgow in the airport. There is a train station situated at the airport. The train service is regular, about twice an hour. It will take you directly into Glasgow Central railway station which is situated within the heart of Glasgow. The journey time is about forty mins and you are able to obtain a discounted rate on the rail fare should you display your airline ticket.  From Glasgow central station and from nearby Queen Street railway station you can get trains to most areas in Scotland. An additional choice is getting a bus at the international airport. The buses will take you to Glasgow and also the journey time is about 40 mins. The bus will take you to Buchanan Street bus station in the centre of Glasgow. From right here you can get buses to numerous other parts of Scotland.