Car Hire Palermo Airport Comparison

Book a cheap car hire Palermo Airport deal today. You will find 4 car rental Palermo Airport desks situated within the arrivals hall.

Palermo Airport Information

Palermo Airport goes by a few different names. As well as the obvious there is Punta Raisi Airport and Falcone-Borsellino. It’s situated 33 kms to the west side of Palermo City.

Palermo is Sicily’s capital. The airport catered for nearly 5.5 million passengers last year. You cannot get a direct flight from Ireland to Palermo however Ryanair provide a connecting flight from London Stansted.

Airport History

There is an fascinating story behind how the airport was named Falcone-Borsellino Airport. Two judges named Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino were killed by the mafia in 1992 for their stance against local crime.

In honour of both men, a plaque was erected which features their portrait. It can be discovered at the entrance of the Departure region. On the plaque the words “The Pride of the New Sicily” are written. An information area can be found on the first floor of the international airport.

Palermo Airport Transport

If you are not renting a car in Palermo, then another possibility is to organise an airport transfer, which can prevent any tension and inconvenience as a driver meets you in the arrivals hall.

Likewise a seat on an airport shuttle bus provides a similar service but at a much less expensive rate. The most inexpensive option by far is to use the Palermo bus which operate regularly from the airport into Palermo and to destinations further afield such as Agrigente and Trapani.

The taxis at Palermo Airport are probably the most costly option. Getting a taxi into the city will take about forty minutes. Expect to pay around 50 euro for this.

There’s a train service in the airport terminal to the centre of Palermo which runs often. This service takes about 45 minutes and costs €7.

Palermo Airport Car Hire Comparison

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Pulsating Palermo

Palermo, the capital city of Sicily, has everything a tourist could possibly desire in a holiday destination. For people who want to wallow in temperate crystal waters and bask on glorious sandy beaches, indulge in heaven-sent traditional cuisine and sample locally produced wines in picturesque surroundings, Palermo and its locales are perfect.

Equally so, for the much more energetic traveler there are a wealth of historical treasures, from catacombs to Norman palaces to explore, cycling and walking tours to partake in, a plethora of boating activities and water sports to get stuck into, golf courses, aqua parks and much more.

Compare Cheap Car Rental Palermo Prices

Search for a cheap Palermo Airport car hire quote. Besides traveling around the north coast of Sicily, it is definitely worth hiring a car in Palermo so you can travel further afield to go to Mount Etna, the active volcano located around two and a half hours away on the east part of the island, close to Sicily’s Catania Airport.

The city centre is around a forty minute drive from the international airport by car along the A29. Compare cheap car hire Italy offers today.