Car Hire Lourdes

There is little public transportation in Lourdes Airport if not traveling within a scheduled tour. Hiring a car in Lourdes in advance is suggested should you intend to travel around and wish to have a flexible mode of transport. We provide a cheap car rental Lourdes Airport service. Many people visit Lourdes yr on yr for decades. Catholic pilgrimages arrive from all over the the world at Tarbes Airport every day. The airport terminal is situated 9 km’s to the south west of Tarbes and close to Lourdes.

You will find actually only two regular standard flights from Tarbes Airport terminal. There’s a flight from Paris with Air France along with a Ryanair flight to London Stansted. This signifies that over 75 percent of flights at the airport are due to religious tours. If you’re visiting Lourdes regularly you are most likely well aware of the main sights. The most famous obviously may be the grotto where it is said that the Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Bernadette. Many enjoy watching the candlelit procession which takes place every night to Bascilla from the Town Square. There’s also a everyday procession of the sick to Basilica of Pius X.

Get in your car and visit some of the nearby villages and towns if time permits. The Pyrenees is a wonderful area to find by road. Indulge your taste buds with some excellent local cuisine for example estofinado and Rocquefort cheese. If you’re looking for a slightly more unique France holiday then why not take a pilgrimage to Lourdes. The tiny town, situated on the foothills of the Pyrenees has attracted millions of pilgrims since 1858. If you’re camping in France’s Pyrenean mountain , then the well-known village of Lourdes is well worth a trip. The village has received a huge number of pilgrims because in 1858  a 14-year old peasant girl admitted that she has seen a lady within the cave of Massabielle while out collecting firewood.

The woman identified herself as the Immaculate Conception and similar appearances transpired another 17 times that year. The peasant girl, Bernadette Soubirous, was later canonized as a saint and numerous Catholics believe that her visions were of the Virgin Mary. Its possible to go to the Grotto de Massabielle, where it all began, as an excursion on your French vacation, and as soon as you are within you’ll be able to view La Source, which reputedly spouted on February 25, 1858 throughout the 9th apparition. The water in this spring is collected from several reservoirs. The Catholic Church has recorded sixty seven separate miracles which have transpired as a result of drinking this water. Throughout one of the apparitions, The Lady of Lourdes asked that a church be constructed on the spot of the sightings.

This church was finished in 1867 and should certainly be visited. The overall basilica holds twenty thousand people and is regarded as an essential pilgrimage site. It is among the largest churches within the world and holds a weekly international mass. Should you want to attend one of these masses whilst in France then make certain you go to on a Wednesday and Sunday morning, when the English services take place. Bernadette’s childhood house is now a popular location for pilgrims, using the adjoining museum depicting scenes in the life of the Saint. Her father’s house is situated a few doors down and is open from March to October.

This attraction continues to be dubbed a religious Madame Tussauds with scenes of Bernadette’s life and Leonardo Da Vinci’s last supper all created in waxwork. The Chateau Fort de Lourdes is the perfect location by which to end your France holiday as taking the lift up to the terrace offers some beautiful views. The castle is a superb example of medieval military architecture and, even though the site has plenty of religious paraphernalia, from dolls dressed in nun’s habitats to countless statues of the Virgin, the military memorabilia and examples of French architecture signifies that it also acts as a retreat away from religious matters. Whether you’re spiritual or cynical you can’t fail to be impressed by taking an excursion to Lourdes when in France.