Car Hire Limerick

Limerick is a city well worth taking the time out to visit while in Ireland. We provide a car rental Limerick city service which offers outstanding value all year round. Many tourists visit Limerick to experience Irish city life mixed with the picturesque countryside. Throughout the city you will find a number of natural and man made attractions showcasing the wonder and history of Limerick.

The Hunt Museum

John and Gertrude Hunt played a significant role in County Limerick, and one way is through this museum. This museums is a collection of 2,000 original art pieces housed in an 18th century Custom House. The collection includes pieces from such popular artists as Picasso, Gaugin and Renoir. This art museum is open all year.


Craggaunowen is another piece of Irish history that is open with the help of John Hunt. The open air archeological museum is set in a 16th century towerhouse. Hunt started the park on 50 acres of land that is covered with a number of historic dwellings including the Standing Stone, Crannog and Ring Fort. The park is open all days but major holidays.

Askeaton Castle and Franciscan Friary

This Irish castle and friary opened on Island Dees in 1199. The historic site was created by William de Brugo and is now known as one of the best medieval secular buildings in Ireland. This attraction is open year round.

Boyce Gardens

Though Ireland does have a cold winter, all year long visitors can take a peak at plant life from Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. The park is divided into four seasonal rooms that constantly change. A grounds keeper assures that the plants are always in top condition for visitors.

Glenquin Castle

This castle, also known as Gleann an Choim, is one of the best surviving buildings from the sixteenth century. Located near Ashford, this tower was once used against raids and invaders. The building is also known as the Tower House to locals and historians. This building is only open to tourists during the summer.

Plan your day to hit as many local attractions as possible. Most attractions in the area are free, while those that do have admission prices are perfect for any travel budget. There is certainly no shortage of scenic driving opportunities with the Shannon route being one of many great options.