Car Hire Le Havre

Make the most of your French vacation with a car rental Le Havre deal. When you hire a car you provide yourself with a superb way of seeing as much of Normandy as feasible. Enjoy a scenic drive along the coastline and stop off at Dieppe where you can marvel at the Alabaster Coast. You will find lots of nice small villages around this region which are worth a stop. The World War Two memorial in Caen is a 90 km drive away from Le Havre.

The city of Le Havre is found in the North West of France beside the River Seine. It is situated within the Pays de Caux area. Its a well-liked landing point for numerous British travelers because of its proximity towards the English Channel. Le Havre continues to be referred to as a doorway to the ocean. Le Havre is the 2nd most populated town in all of Haute-Normandie. In July 2005 the city center was declared a world heritage site. As the city was so badly damaged through the war this was very a distinctive achievement.

The town was commended for post war architectural work. Auguste Perret is the man who must take the most credit for the town’s transformation. The Musée des Beaux-Arts André Malraux offers art covering as much as 5 centuries. Their selection of impressionist paintings is only rivaled by the Orsay Museum in Paris. Works from the likes of Claude Monet, Gustave Courbet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir can be seen right here.

Haute-Normandie, the area of northern France including cities, such as Rouen, Dieppe, and Le Havre, is a pretty region to enjoy French vacations. Rouen, located about one hundred and thirty five km north-west of Paris, is known for Rouen Cathedral, the middle of la vieille ville where Joan of Arc was burnt and its Large Clock. Dieppe offers the nearest beach to Paris. Giverny is best known for Claude Monet’s garden and home. Les Andelys provides you with the chance to go to Château-Gaillard, a ruined medieval castle. .Churches and museums are the main sights for tourists visiting Le Havre. Easily accessible by ferry from Portsmouth with LD Lines, Le Havre is really a well-liked destination via ferry for British tourists. Le Havre has always been the harbour for Paris, with goods transferring there between ocean-going vessels and barges which go to Paris by way of the Seine.

There is a little airport terminal in Le Havre officially known as Le Havre Octeville Airport situated North of the town. Two airlines operate in the air port. Air France fly to Lyon and Rouen while Airlinair fly to Toulouse and Amsterdam. Paris can easily be reached by numerous train connections in the town station or by jumping in your car. It’s roughly a two hour drive.

The centre of Le Havre is easily covered on foot. A bus service runs frequently around the city. The ferry port and train station are a short walk out in the centre of city and buses run on these routes. Rent a bike for a few euros in the tourist office if you wish. Normandy is well-known for its cider and its cheese. Go to Les Halles which is south of the city centre near pedestrian aerea and Volcano where you will find a covered marketplace where you will discover a selection of little shops selling superb items such as vegetables, cheese, meat, bakeries, wine and cider.