Car Hire Kaunas Airport

The airport in Kaunas is located thirteen kilometres from the city. Ryanair currently operate numerous routes from here. Low cost car rental Kaunas Airport deals can be easily found.

If you are searching for a place where you are able to just chill, relax and be laid back, then the place for you to go is Lithuania. As opposed to other foreign countries, Lithuania doesn’t offer a lot in terms of archaeological delight. It makes up for this for this nevertheless, through the visual pleasures you can find inside the nation. Vilnius is really the capital city of Lithuania and the first place you may wish to go to if you’re in search of superb shopping centers. Because Vilnius may be the capital town, it also follows that it is a commercial and industrial port. As such, you are able to discover the very best nearby shops right here.

The Curonian Spit is actually a large region that covers four settlements. More than that, however, its the very best location to enjoy nature in Lithuania. In here, you are able to sample the clean smell of pine trees and you are able to do various outdoor actions right here such as skiing within the summer time and winter. Portrayed in numerous art paintings, the Hills of Crosses is actually a hillock where approximately thousands of crosses can be found. It is unclear regarding how the hill became a place for planting crosses. But since early times, the Hills of Crosses may be a location where crosses of all sizes and designs could be discovered. Cheap Car Hire Lithuania deals are available today.

The best place to go during the summer time is in Druskininka, where mineral streams and summer time actions are abundant. The mineral streams in the location are stated to possess curative features. Botanical parks, seaside resorts and restaurants, and beaches are only some of the avenues that you will see in Palanga. Here, you are able to encounter maximum pleasure and enjoyment. In Palanga, there’s no limit to just just how much fun you are able to have.

You will find two well known museums in Lithuania. Among them is the National Museum in Lithuania which was opened in 1855, and there, you receive a history and background of the country just by a tour of the location. Another is the Lithuania Art Museum, and art is highly valued in the nation, and there happen to be many popular painters and artists that had been born in Lithuania. Various local festivals are celebrated throughout the nation. Make certain that you get a taste of how Lithuanians celebrate their festivals where foods and colorful costumes are just two of the sure things you’ll enjoy during the folk festivals of Lithuania. You will find many festivals and celebrations in Lithunia, and your trip is certainly bound to coincide with one of their timely celebrations.

Although not as lively a port hub as Vilniua, Kaunas is a location where you can enjoy and do your shopping.  More than that, there are numerous industrial hubs inside the area which you must visit. Here, you will get a flavor of nearby Lithuania culture and way of living. One of the most esteemed buildings in Lithuania may be the Medieval Castle, a castle which stands within the midst of the waters. It was built way back in the fourteenth century, and its purpose was to drive aside enemy knights from Germany. The castle is nevertheless standing powerful still now. The Church of St. Paul and St. Peter is where you’ll truly get the feel of how the locals of Lithuanians revere and praise. Whereas Lithuania before did not permit religion from being publicly practiced, Roman Catholicism is now ever prevalent and practiced inside the nation. So, this church is a must-see for just about any visitor to the country.