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Katowice International Airport is situated in Pyrzowice around thirty kilometres from Katowice. It is the 3rd busiest airport in Poland. We offer our car hire Poland service in numerous locations throughout the country. Check out or affordable car rental Katowice Airport offers.

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Katowice might not be the fist name on your holiday destination list, but it’s well worth a visit. Katowice has a long background, and has changed hands many times. Today it’s a multi-ethnic town, and is home to Poles, Germans, Jews and Silesians, who’re native to this region of Poland. The Industrial Revolution saw the city become important for coal and steel production. Katowice played a hugely important role in the improvement and modernisation of Poland.

Although it’s arguably not as cultural as some other Polish metropolitan areas, there’s nevertheless plenty to see and do. The Wyspianski Silesian Theatre, as well as the many museums like the Silesian Museum and also the history of Katowice Museum, are well worth visiting whilst you’re here. Many festivals and music concerts are held within the city all 12 months round. Katowice is popular for it’s green spaces and parks, despite becoming an industrial town. This assists it to possess a more relaxed atmosphere than a few other industrial cities. Why not go to the Silesian Cultur and Refreshment Park, or the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Park, or even the Zadole Park if you would like to sit and watch life go by. There are also a number of other smaller parks to be discovered within the town.

Contemporary skyscrapers, Drapacz Chmur which was one of the very first skyscrapers in Europe, are present in the city, as well as Modernist and Fine art Nouveau architecture, like the Katowice Cathedral. If you are a fan of architecture and structures, you will end up amazed with Katowice.The Rynek area provides numerous shops and restaurants, if you would like a break from the parks and buildings. You won’t wish to miss St Stephen’s church, as it is well well worth a go to as well. The Silesian Insurgents Monument, the Silesian Library, and also the Goldstein Palace shouldn’t be missed either. See it all with a Katowice car hire deal.

Possibly surprisingly, Katowice includes a thriving live music scene. As well as smaller local venues, such as the Jazz club, larger foreign acts tend to perform concerts in the Spodek venue within the town. As well as actively playing modern music, Katowice is the home of the Polish National Orchestra. If you are looking to go to Katowice, then you be pleased to know that there’s accommodation available for all budgets. No matter whether you would like a bed and breakfast or even a luxury hotel, you’ll find some place to meet your budget.

Simply because there is a great transport infrastructure, it’s simple get around. If you are feeling adventurous, Vienna and Prague are only several  hours away by train. A weekend in Katowice is not the normal weekend, but it will make a pleasant and refreshing change if you’re attempting to avoid the typical stag or hen weekend destinations, and want some thing more than a seaside and some sun.