Car Hire Genoa Airport

You can book a car rental Genoa Airport service right here from our website to obtain the very best deal possible. We provide city Genoa pickups as well as an Airport offering. You can choose between the various classes and kinds of cars available to match your budget and we will take care of the rest. Genoa has been historically a maritime town and a trading point between the east and the west. This features of the town has made it feasible to encounter a fusion of the various cultures that have passed through Genoa and have left their mark over time. It’s an incredible place to visit if you’re searching for some historically substantial architectures and well-known museums which have excellent collections. Genoa, like most of Italy, is quite an affordable location to visit. You will get many reasonably rated places to stay and a variety of places to eat.

A very popular excursion for people who are staying at Genoa is a trip towards the northern hinterland from the town by way of a very scenic route that consists of hill-fortresses and villages. Genoa worldwide airport terminal has several of the main European carriers servicing travelers. The car hire services are conveniently situated inside the airport. To prevent any difficulties and delays in your car hire Genoa Airport process at the international airport, it’s advised that you carry your documents with you at all times. You will be emailed a confirmation number when you book. You will need to show your original driving license and any form of a copy will not be allowed.

Visitors planning to tour the ancient town of Genoa, where Christopher Columbus set sail for that New World, are not only looking for the very best hotels in Genoa, but sightseeing opportunities to give them stories to provide to those not fortunate enough to be traveling with them. Genoa is recognized as a major seaport even these days, and its a city proud of its artistic heritage and beckons site visitors with her old world charm and delightful offerings. Genoa’s medieval history is acknowledged in the alleyways of complicated labyrinths where the shops and restaurants revel in their past. Palazzos of the sixteenth century together with edifices of baroque architecture blend seamlessly using the churches of Romanesque beauty and splendor over the small piazzas scattered here and there. Visitors lucky enough to experience the city in the water in the evening will be truly inspired.

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The slogan of the town is  – La Dolce Vita – which translates to – The Sweet Life.  Genoa is really a place to indulge your love of food and the bounty of the Mediterranean sea enables visitors to feast till they are able to fit no more into their bellies. Summertime is when the action really heats up with festivals that make the seaside city crowded with visitors. Bars for lounging are a popular pastime and many can be found along the cobblestone streets. San Lorenzo and Piazza delle Erbe could be found near the Piazza de Ferrasi and are great finds when looking for the finest in Genoan cuisine and hospitality. The Genoa Aquarium affords site visitors a glimpse into the existence of marine creatures. There are 71 displays in tanks and they attempt and recreate the habitat of the tropics, the North and South Poles, as well as their native Mediterranean Sea and other ocean habitats. You will find more than 500 marine creatures that live and breed at the aquarium and its considered one of the biggest aquariums that can be found in Europe. 

Italy is well known for her contribution to the art world with renowned artists who have developed historical masterpieces. At the Palazzo Bianco Gallery, visitors can gaze upon paintings from renowned artists from around the world. Spanish, French and Flemish masters along with Italian greats, their works are displayed ranging from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. Genoese painters that thrived throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries can also be observed at this marvelous art gallery. Genoa is a city that surprises guests with her sophistication and elegance. A journey to Genoa will bring visitors back to a time when artistic pursuits were admired and food was how one showed love to family and friends.