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Compare car rental Exeter Airport prices. Exeter International Airport is located within the south west of the UK. Though little when compared to some of the other airports in the UK, it still provides locals in the region a wide selection of bargain flights to popular destinations. The international airport can also be exceptionally popular with people who use it for both company trips and for holidays. Its easy to access in the south western counties of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. These places are really well-liked spots within the south west area which attract numerous tourists and people that a vacation. Exeter Airport terminal is an airport situated at Clyst Honiton in the District of East Devon close to the city of Exeter and inside the county of Devon. It handled over one million passengers in 2007, the first time more than one million people had utilized the airport  in a single year, nevertheless passenger numbers declined to under eight hundred thousand a year later.

The airport offers scheduled and holiday charter flights within the United Kingdom and Europe. Exeter Airport is situated four miles east of the town of Exeter and is around one hundred and fifty miles to the south west of London. Exeter flights can see you traveling to Spain, the Canary Islands, Greece and much more. This opens up a big array of options for people which are looking for a vacation afar. You will often find package deals that can be provided to people that wish to vacation from Exeter. This can conserve a ton of money. Frequently, numerous people who are searching to go on a holiday are hoping to do so with their friends and loved ones, so they’re seeking to save cash on a package deal offer.

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Exeter is less than forty miles northeast of Plymouth. This town has existed prior to any records.¬† It is really an ancient town. It is known to be a very profitable place to operate a business, and has excellent transportation available. This includes two different train stations as well as Exeter Airport. Parliament Street is so narrow that only one person might walk through it at a time. This street is only 45 inches long at its widest and only 25 inches at it is narrowest. Formerly known as Small Lane, it’s no surprise to discover that this is the narrowest street in the world. The Red coats guided trips are available to take you on many walking tours via Exeter. These tours are generally 90 minutes long and will visit some of Exeter’s most popular attractions. Exeter Cathedral is also recognized as the church of St Peter. It is a wonderful instance of Gothic architecture. It is well known for and can be recognized by it’s 2 towers which take over the city’s skyline. The constructing of this fantastic church was completed in the early part of the 13th century. Guided tours are obtainable in a number of languages.

Exeter castle is also known as Rougemont castle. It is a Norman castle and host to numerous artists, musicians, and quite a few festivals. Guided trips are available by reservation. This stunning castle should not be difficult to discover, as it’s located right in the center of Exeter. Exeter is loaded with historic buildings, and even Medieval, underground tunnels, which can be toured with a guide, which can be arranged via the visitor’s center. Exeter and the surrounding areas offers great shopping and superb restaurants. You will find also many nice destinations to remain at over night. Exeter is a wonderful location to visit, with lots of excellent things to do.