Car Hire Cordoba

Hiring a car in Cordoba opens up several touring opportunities within the surrounding regions. Beautiful villages such as Montilla and Zuheros are all easily reached with a car rental Cordoba service. Cordoba is situated within the South of Spain in Andalusia. The city has an extremely rich background thoroughly deserving its status as a world heritage website. Cordoba can rightly lay claim to at one time becoming the capital of the Roman province as well as an Arab State. Influences from these eras are very easy to spot in Cordoba with little pretty streets intersecting with alleyways and town squares. The Mosque Cathedral sits prominently in Cordoba reflecting the regions Islamic history.

Like the Seville region, the province of Cordoba is landlocked, though that should not be a reason for the more adventurous traveler to not visit. The region of Cordoba is split through the powerful Rio Guadalquivir on which lies the ancient city of Cordoba, founded by the Romans, although it flourished with the Moorish occupation and this is evident in the architecture discovered all over the town. Constructed over a sharp bend of the brook that is crossed by the Roman bridge, the El Puente Romano, the city was a port. When the Moors had been replaced by the Christians, the city’s beauty was left untouched and the Christian cathedral was constructed within the mosque, the Mezquita.

The Mezquita dates back to the 12th century and symbolizes the power of the Moorish Islamic influence on this area of Andalucia. Constructed in 785AD by Abd al Rahman, the mosque has been added to over the generations by each Christian and Islamic faiths as they each controlled this area. In the centre of Cordoba is the old Jewish quarter where little has altered in centuries, narrow streets and garden squares, tapas bars and eateries, a perfect area to explore and relax in the Spanish way. The bull fighting museum and also the cool and refreshing fountains and gardens of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos are definitely worth a stop with each being open from Tues. to Sunday. Numerous historians believe that back in the 10th century Cordoba was the most populated town in the world. The town truly comes alive in May with three festivals happening. 

The beginning of May sees the start of the Crosses Festival. Over a half week or so, three metre high decorated crosses are placed close to the city with prizes awarded for the best one. Traditional food and music can also be plentiful during the event. Within the middle of May the Patios Festival is celebrated. This is certainly the busiest of the festivals. Houses in the historical centre have their patios compete against every other in groups such as architectonic value along with a flora competition. The fair of Cordoba finishes an exhausting but fun month for the locals There is a little airport situated 6 kilometres from Cordoba. Córdoba Airport is mainly utilized for charter flights. If you are arriving from Ireland or the UK and desire to visit Cordoba then check out flights arriving at Seville Airport terminal or Malaga Air port. We provide a cheap car hire Seville Airport service as well as car hire in Malaga Airport.