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Consider a cheap car rental Copenhagen Airport deal for your next Danish visit. Copenhagen International Airport serves Copenhagen and also the Oresund Area. It’s located on the island of Amager which is 8 kilometres south of Copenhagen City and twenty four kilometres west of Malm√∂. One of the most joyous ways of viewing the city is from a boat as its navigates the different tunnels and canals that connect Copenhagen. Guided excursions can be found in a selection of languages. The Danish National Gallery is a must for those with an interest in art and promises to be a feast for your eyes. Even for many who wouldn’t call themselves art buffs this gallery demands a visit because of the numerous paintings by masters like Picasso and Matisse which are located here. After you’ve had a sense of historical and cultural Copenhagen you should check out whats happening at the seaside. Copenhagen is famous for its artificial harbor baths – Copencabana and Havnebadet. Grab a glass of beer in a genuine Copenhagen bar. The locals of this town are known for their fondness for a tipple so checking out the cities bars might be a great way to have a fantastic time in Copenhagen. A great day for the youngsters is Zoologisk or the Zoo where there is a substantial array of animals from all over the world as well as local species.

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There exists a fantastic petting zoo and you can even climb the Zoo Tower and get a great overview of Copenhagen. You’ll find buses from downtown that take you immediately to the zoo’s entrance gate and its just a ten minute ride. If you have not had enough of animals then pay a visit to Charlottelund and check out the Aquarium which houses a variety of aquatic lifestyle like sharks, stingrays and in some cases the most venomous fish from all over the world such as the reef stonefish. The Aquarium is just north of the city and easily got to by train in about twenty¬† minutes. oA short ride in your car hire will bring you to several beaches that are great fun for grown ups and kids. In town you will find several swimming places along the harbour which are secure as well as clean and safe and quite popular with locals and visitors.

Arguably the two finest beaches are Amager Strandparken in Amager or Bellevue – a small but pretty beach which is in Klampenborg across from the Dyrehaven Animal Park. Copenhagen City Hall Square can hold over fifty thousand people for special occasions. At one side of the square is the popular Tivoli Gardens which offers an amusement park which was established way back in 1843. It is well worth a stroll all around to examine the old world village environment featuring rides and dining establishments. On the other side of the Metropolis Hall Square is the pedestrian street Stroget which is an outstanding starting spot for shopping expeditions. One more renowned attraction is the Amalienborg Palace which is the residence of the Danish royalty and is in fact four various palaces set out encompassing a square. At noon visitors collect to observe the changing of the guard.