Car Hire Casablanca Airport

Take a trip around this famous region of Morocco with a car rental Casablanca Airport service.  There is no doubt that Casablanca is Morocco’s most significant town and financial hub. It is an astonishing metropolis with wonderful architecture and its contemporary way of life attracts travelers from all parts of the world. Casablanca is of course well known for its movie namesake released in 1942. Morocco is called home by many French and Spanish citizens with various teachers, technicians and more migrating to Morocco upon their retirement. Casablanca is really a prosperous city and is an incredible place for international investors due to being home to one of the world’s most significant artificial ports. The port bustles with activity while other parts of the metropolis can be a mixture of winding streets and grand boulevards which continue through to the seaside at Ain Diab which is about ten minutes by road.

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All flights to Casablanca arrive at the Mohammed V Airport which is located thirty kilometres from the city centre. The airport offers superb services for all travelers and there are always options to find affordable airline tickets to Casablanca. Casablanca is Morocco’s industrial capital in which Arab customs and western ideals give you a multitude of contrasts inside the partitions of a metropolis that revolves around commerce and trade. Casablanca is famous for its amazing Middle Eastern cuisine. You will find that downtown Casablanca is the best place to find places to eat out during the day.

In many restaurants you’ll be able to obtain a typical dish for only a few euro which is excellent value. If you only have a short time to discover Casablanca then you should make sure that you visit the most important sites first. Head to Hassan II Mosque which is not the oldest in Morocco as it was only constructed in the eighties however it is still a beautiful site. The mosque has a French architectural style and rises up from the ocean on a rocky crop that looks like a throne. Its the 3rd largest mosque in the world with twenty five thousand worshipers cramming in every single day, in-fact there are eighty thousand worshipers should you count those in the courtyard and squares. During the afternoon you may wish to take a walking tour of the city. This permits you to investigate a lot of the historic and well-known sites in Casablanca such as Quartier Habous.

This quarter is stuffed with shopping, local foods and many other delights all in keeping with French-Moroccan tradition. This Medina was constructed within the thirties as an experiment to mix different cultures in one spot. It’s been extremely productive and continues to draw visitors who are enthusiastic about handmade and commercial products.