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Search for a cheap car rental Bucharest Airport quote today. We provide rock bottom prices all year round. Located just over sixteen kilometres northwest of the city of Bucharest inside of Otopeni Town you will find Henri Coanda International Airport which is Romania’s busiest airport. It is one of two serving the Romanian capital with the other being Baneasa known as either Baneasa Airport or Bucharest City Airport. The main airport is named after Romanian flight pioneer Henri Coanda who was the builder of the Coanda 1910 aircraft and discoverer of the Coanda effects of fluidics. Until May 2004 the official title was Bucharest Otopeni Airport. Bucharest is the capital of Romania and has a population of over two million people. No other city in the nation comes close to Bucharest in scope and scale so there is no doubt that its Romania’s cultural, artistic, and financial epicenter. Bucharest’s affordable economy extends past the country’s borders making it one of one of the most crucial industrial metropolitan areas in all of Eastern Europe. There’s a vast volume of French-inspired architecture to be discovered everywhere you glimpse. This curious trait has earned Bucharest the nickname – Little Paris. Amongst the Parisian influences scattered about Bucharest, one of the most notable is the Arcul de Triumf. This beautiful arch is based on the Paris Arc de Triomphe. Many other stunning buildings and sculptures draw numerous visitors to Bucharest each year like the Romanian Athenaeum and the Memorial of Rebirth but none of these landmarks can come close to the Palace and Parliament with regards to dimension and breadth.

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This astonishing building was created really not long ago within the eighties but its glory just isn’t lost in its youth. It’s one of the biggest structures in all of Europe and indeed the whole world, Boeing’s Everett Factory is also well worth a look. Don’t think that all of Bucharest’s grandeur lies on the outside of its buildings as the city is also residence to some of the most extraordinary artwork museums ever observed. The National Museum of Art of Romania is crammed with unusual Medieval paintings and sculptures that thrill thousands annually. Another must see is the People’s Home developed beneath Ceausescu’s government. Its one of the most visited places by foreign visitors in Bucharest. It is situated towards the center of the town near the Marriott hotel so its very easy to get to. One more intriguing area to see may be the Village Museum or Muzeul Satului which is a sizable open-air place situated inside the north area of the town. Here you may see authentic houses from all Romanian areas. It is a stunning area and among the biggest open air museums in the world. Visiting means you will be able to learn lot of info about Romanian history and evolution.

Herastrau Park near the Village Museum and Cismigiu Park within the city centre are two lovely parks both excellent for a relaxing walk following a long day of sightseeing. Bucharest also has a large amount of old monasteries that are quite effectively preserved with some of them named on the UNESCO checklist of secured monuments. No visit to to Romania is comprehensive without seeing something related to Dracula and whilst many of the sites aren’t in Bucharest the ruins of his aged palace are right in the town center. It’s a little museum but unless you are going elsewhere in Romania this is the only genuine Dracula relic available and boasts a huge statue of him which is excellent for a quick pic.