Car Hire Aarhus Airport

Aarhus Airport is situated in Tirstrup which is thirty five kilometres from the city of Aarhus. We provide cheap car rental Aarhus Airport rates through our price comparison booking engine. Compare the vehicles on offer from several top companies today.

Denmark’s 2nd largest town, Aarhus represents the historic background of the country. It’s the capital of Jutland. Some nicely preserved historic assets, museums and ancient churches are what make the town a fine tourist destination. And of course the stunning beaches along with wonderful opportunities of hiking and biking are also of great interest to tourists. Aarhus Denmark contains numerous attractions for the visitors. One of them is Den Gamle By which lies within the aged town and is an open air museum that comprises of a collection of restored seventeenth and eighteenth century buildings. Right here you get a variety of things to do and see.

This place is always full of visitors. Out of the many other interesting spots, AROS Kunst museum is one not to miss feauturing a diversified collection of Danish art from the nineteenth and twentieth century. The modern Town Hall is a great example of superb Danish architecture.Tivoli Friheden guarantees to entertain you fully. It is an amusement park full of entertaining amenities like riding, clown shows and spectacular flower gardens. Located just outside the city center, this amusement park is always full of tourists and local residents. Forhistorisk Museum Moesgard is another place worth-visiting where you will find amazing artifacts including the two thousand year old preserved. Grauballe Man.

Aarhus is lively in every aspect, be it entertainment, dining or accommodation. This city offers a number of clubs, pubs, bars as well as superb restaurants. Danish cuisines are truly delicious. You are able to get all varieties of International dishes at these restaurants.

Aarhus mixes the aged with the new. As for the old, there’s the fifteenth century Aarhus Cathedral dedicated to the patron saint of sailors St. Clemens. This church isn’t only the longest, but also the tallest cathedral in Denmark. Right here you’ll find a dazzling array of frescoes, the largest organ, and also the largest medieval artwork in Denmark. It’s quite a sight to behold, and worth your time to go to.

An additional historic and interesting tour is the Church of our Lady, which dates from the twelfth century. Recently an eleventh century crypt was discovered there. Visit the old areas of the town where you’ll see some of the contemporary trendy shopping areas, spattered with restaurants and outdoor caf├ęs. Make sure to stop by the Latin quarter where you can view a few of the historic streets. A popular student region is the Spanish steps on the waterfront. This is also a great tourist region with plenty to see and do.