Car Hire Pula Airport

We offer cheap Car Hire Croatia deals all year round. Our car rental Pula Airport prices offer exceptional value for money. The airport is located just six kilometres from Pula City Centre. Below are some tips which you may find useful when renting a car in Pula.

Hiring cars doesn’t have to be as costly as you’d imagine and occasionally you are able to find an excellent deal just by working with the car hire organizations systems to obtain the greatest deal you can without compromising on the service you receive. Car Rental suppliers have numerous complex operations and fees that they have to take into account when setting their rental charges so, if you know what these are and how to avoid them, you are able to get a car, really similar to the one you ideally want, at a greatly reduced cost.

Merchants have to pay what’s called an “Airport Concession Fee” for all the cars they rent from their airport locations. This is basically a charge made by the Airport terminal to the rental organization to permit them to rent vehicles from the International airport. Obviously the rental organizations pass this on to their customers, so if there’s a rental location close towards the Airport you can use, you can conserve your cash by booking there instead.

Car Hire agencies have to manage a complex stock system to make certain they’ve got the right cars in suitable areas at certain times. TheĀ  more popular the car group, the harder it is for them to maintain stock. Usually, if they don’t have the car you booked they’ll give you a free of charge upgrade. This is because the large more costly cars do not get booked as much as the smaller cheaper cars. If you book the smallest car that is acceptable to you, there’s usually a good chance of getting a free of charge upgrade if you’re picking it up at a busy time. Because it is much easier to forecast how manycars they need if they’ve got all their bookings in advance, the car rental providers will very often have their cheapest rates loaded well in advance, so book your rental car as soon as you know your travel dates and save a lot more.

An additional trick to watch out for is that most rental firms charge daily prices. That means if you pick up a car at ten am and take it back at eleven am the next day you’ll get charged for two days rental. Wherever feasible try and ensure that your return time is always the same, or preferably just prior to your collection time. This way you’ll never get charged the additional day. If your travel plans are reasonably open try and book when they’ve got numerous vehicles and you can land yourself an absolute bargain. Book just after Christmas and you can find that all the cars that have just been returned are very affordable to book. In car hire terms, a car sat in their car park is a huge price and they’d rather let you have it really cheaply than just have it sitting there.

Another golden rule to bear in mind is to always ask for more, the worst they can do is say no. Whenever you get to the counter always ask if they have any free upgrades. Frequently, this prompt might be all they need to realize that they can’t shift that big Mercedes out the back, and if you had it, they wouldn’t need to worry about it anymore! Well, you never know, unless you try.