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Delightful Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a place of history, wealth and culture and the arts centre of Croatia. Many artists, poets and writers originate from the South Coast, making it among the most popular resorts on the Mediterranean.

Dubrovnik is a resort for the elite, with hosts of celebrities holidaying or buying property there. The beauty of the city with its stretches of harbors and beautiful coast line makes visiting this fantastic location absolutely essential.

War Time

Regrettably, Dubrovnik was hit hard during bombing in the early nineties. Statistics show that almost a 33% of Dubrovnik’s buildings had been damaged through the war.

The city has obviously worked incredibly hard in restoring its buildings. Only if you look really hard, can you see spots within the cobbles where a bomb has hit or even a gun has been fired.

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What to See and Do in Dubrovnik

You won’t be disappointed in the wide range of things Dubrovnik has to offer. A must-see attraction has to be Sponza Palace, one of the original buildings to make it past the destructive effects of an earthquake in 1667.

The Palace is home to important historical documents and is quite a fascinating visit. It’s amazing Gothic architecture is truly worth seeing.

Another place you should definitely visit is the Church of St. Ignatius and the Jesuit College.

This is a stunning Baroque Church situated on a small hill. The exterior and interior is astonishing, and well worth a look. For all those enthusiastic about this kind of sightseeing, there are many Churches and monasteries in Dubrovnik to go to.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

If you are fortunate enough to visit Dubrovnik in the summer months, make sure you make time to go to the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. This festival has run every yr since 1950, and occupies most of July and August.

The festival includes a mix of musical and theatrical performances, all of top quality. The summer months are busier than the rest of the yr, however the vibrant atmosphere of this festival shouldn’t be missed if feasible.

Car Rental Dubrovnik Airport Comparison

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