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Athens Airport

The Airport was named after the well-reputed politician of Athens Eleftherios Venizelos. It offers flights to multiple destinations all over the world.

It was first opened in 2001 and provides an intersection between the Middle East and also the Balkans. It has the capacity to manage 13 million people per annum and consists of two terminals. There exists a Main Terminal which is connected via underpass to a satellite terminal.

The airport is about thirty three kilometres away from the town and it will require about forty minutes to reach. Another option is the metro train which costs eight euro.

Car Hire Athens Airport Comparison

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All about Athens

You’ll find a lot of sights to see and areas of cultural and historical importance such as gardens, museums and more.

The Parthenon

You cannot check out Athens without visiting the Parthenon. It is situated on the Acropolis.

The Parthenon was a temple for the goddess of wisdom Athena. It was constructed in the Doric architectural style and many say it is the finest example of Doric architecture ever created.

Only 15 Corinthian columns of the authentic 104 remain standing after another column fell down in 1850. Nevertheless the majestic attractiveness of every column is guaranteed to leave any viewer breathless.

The Parthenon can be observed from a distance and is particularly beautiful in the evening when the entire construction is illuminated by floodlights.

Acropolis Hill

Acropolis Hill also boasts a breathtaking view of the metropolis of Athens. The Acropolis Museum opened its doorways to the public a few years back and did so to broad acclaim.

You can view the Acropolis of Athens from its balcony. The museum also plays host to a wide selection of ancient treasures from the area of Athens.


At the historic Agora you can find historical ruins such as the Odeon of Agrippa as well as enormous statues of Tritons and Giants.

Some other must sees include the Church of the Holy Apostles, the Royal Stoa and the popular Altar of the Twelve Gods.

Athens is rich with ancient history and myths but there is also the modern touch of bars, café and eating places. It is also the city of the Olympics.

A holiday in Athens offers up breathtaking archaeological sites in abundance as well as beaches and crowded shopping areas.

Athens History

Greece is of course the birthplace of civilization as we know it. It is also considered the birthplace of democracy. Athens was the major light in historical Greece and was known as one of the purest democracies the world has actually ever known.

Food and Drink

As you would expect in such a historical town there is certainly much to see and do. You’ll find sights aplenty as mysteries abound. You could simply lose yourself in this magical city.

Obviously not everything in Athens is about history. The night life that Athens offers certainly is appealing. Athens plays host to a wide range of clubs, pubs, bars and theatres.

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