Car Hire Preston

Don’t delay and grab a cheap car rental Preston deal today. Our prices are sourced from all the top car hire companies in the UK meaning you won’t find a better deal. You will find the town of Preston in Lancashire which is located in the North west of Britain. This town reached the status of city in the year 2002. This made it the fiftieth city in England and was recognized as a city the year Queen Elizabeth served her 50th year as queen. Preston is the home of over one hundred and thirty thousand residents within the city and also the surrounding area includes a complete population of over three hundred thousand. Preston has a proud heritage being a major contributor to the industrial age. Textile manufacturing existed within the city as early as the thirteenth century. By the fourteenth century Flemish weavers had been creating wool and exporting it to several different countries. Among the contributors to Preston’s commercial heritage was Sir Richard Arkwright. Arkwright was born in Preston and later invented the spinning frame. In fact Preston is so old that it was mentioned in the Domesday Book.

Hiring a Car will give you access to the surrounding areas rather than being confined to the city. It’s a medieval town and was once a gateway to Walton le Dale. It has also some historical connection with the Romans. The title of Preston came from its use as a Priest settlement however it was not only that as it was a great market location even within medieval times. Though Preston is well-known for its universities today it was not like this in the past. It was really a famous textile city and also the finest British Textiles were produced in the region. Due to this it  was well-known amongst the textile associated people both for industrial purpose and for residential purpose. These days it is one of the number one shopping cities within the UK and it offers a lovely evening and city existence. Along with that it has museums and you will find many cultural centers within the city as well. Preston does not just give you a wealthy city existence but additionally it is known as a green city and many people find their escape from congested city life here.

Amongst the most stunning things that Preston proudly presents is the Japanese Rock Garden which was construct by Edward Milner. Another historic figure that lived in Preston was Joseph Hansom. Hansom was an architect and in fact designed the St Walburg Church that stands today. He is greatest recognized for inventing the Hansom Cab. This device was a horse drawn carriage that consisted of the carriage that was lifted up off the chassis offering an enhanced ride. St Walburg Church possesses the tallest spire in the UK that is not linked to a chapel. Preston is recognized for having a strong Christian tradition particularly the Catholic religion. It is also recognized as being probably the most Catholic city to be found in England. Towards the south of the metropolis you’ll come across the River Ribble. Preston is discovered on top of the hill that is west of the Pennines. Since Preston is sitting on top of a hill it has probably more rainfall and slightly colder temperatures than the rest of the United Kingdom. Lancashire is a beautiful county and when you rent a car you can see as much of it as you like.

Among the other interesting structures in Preston there is the Harris Museum, the old coin exchange and many historic churches. You will find many examples of Georgian architecture within the buildings that surround Winckley Square. There are also many parks that are a fantastic location to go loosen up and perhaps have a picnic. These consist of Miller Park and Ashton.