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Slovenia is a destination with much to offer any visitor. Search for a cheap car rental Ljubljana Airport deal today.

The Central European nation of Slovenia provides vacationers a wide range of landscapes inside a little space: Alpine in the northwest, Mediterranean in the southwest, Pannonian in the northeast and Dinaric within the southeast. If you are looking for colorful and calming vacations Slovenia is the perfect place.

Declaring independence in the early nineties, Slovenia joined the European Union just 13 years later in 2004, a testament to its rapid financial and social development.

Provided its unique area in between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. the tiny nation of Slovenia is really a place where cultures have merged over the course of history.

For anybody backpacking through Europe or otherwise hoping to see Slovenia on a small budget, Ljubljana is especially accessible, affordable, and secure.

The nation’s capital city, Ljubljana, proudly exhibits its Baroque and Art Nouveau works, and the work of native born architect Joze Ple?nik. Ljubljana is a small city with only three hundred thousand residents, it is easily walkable. The town centre is rather compact, and several traveler top class hotels are situated near the the primary square (Presernov Trg).

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Simply because Ljubljana is so charming, strolling close to neighborhoods is the best method to explore and stay inside your spending budget. You can also rent a bike from the city-operated stand in Presernov Trg for a nominal deposit and fee. of course, you will eventually want a lot more mobility than your feet can supply, so you’ll most likely need to make use of the city buses or a car hire Ljubljana service.

The town tourism Ljubljana card can  be purchased for thirteen euro at the airport, train station, and countless other locations. In addition to providing discounted admission at numerous tourist spots, the card is great for 3 days of unlimited bus fares and cheaper taxi rates.

By walking, biking, and busing it, you will have the ability to get close to Ljubljana and keep your spending budget slim. Use taxis only late at night, right after buses are no longer accessible.