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Book a car rental Brussels Airport deal today and save money. The capital of Belgium is Brussels and the city is also the residence of EU(European Union). In the event you are traveling to Brussels you’ll love the breathtaking magnificence of the artwork and architecture of this charming city. Brussels Airport is  located 6 miles to the northeast of Brussels. In 2005 it was awarded the Finest Airport in Europe prize from the Airports Council Air Transport Association according to a survey conducted with around one hundred thousand passengers throughout the world. Belgium is famed for Belgian beers as well as Chocolates. Brussels is a city of world-class architecture, museums, cultural sights and unrivalled nightlife opportunities. It is a generous and historic city of glories and beauty. Brussels is also the political seat of NATO. The city is packed with tourist attractions. You will find quite a few interesting spots in and around the city. The House of the King is a beautiful building that was established in the nineteenth century. The wonderful structure dates back as far as the sixteenth century.

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Presently its being utilized as the Museum of Brussels. Here it is possible to find out a lot more on Brussels past.The neoclassic building of the Stock Exchange is beautified with a distinct design. There are about one hundred and fifty Belgian and one hundred and forty foreign companies represented on the Brussels Securities Market. It was designed by Architect Léon Suys in the year 1873. It is not difficult to reach Rue Blaes in the Grand Place. The whole street is packed with antiques shops. Walking down this avenue you are going arrive at Place Du Jeu De Balle exactly where you may find a market place of second hand items particularly interesting on Sundays. Manneken Pis is one of Brussels turning points. It was designed in 1619 and is a little fountain statue made of bronze portraying a little boy urinating in the fountain’s basin. Surrounded by the Royal palace  as well as the Belgian parliament is the main public park known as Parc de Bruxelles. It is found within the heart of Brussels.You can find two premiere selections for shopping in Brussels. We also provide a car hire Charleroi Airport service.

The first is Galeries Saint Hubert-Sint Hubertusgalerijen which is the world’s 1st shopping mall according to many. Right here you’ll discover normal high st stores as well as bookstores, cafes and also a cinema. The 2nd shopping spot is the Marché aux Puces-Vlooienmarkt flea market on Place du Jeu de Balle-Vossenplein. Here you are going to find an odd variety of just about everything at fees considerably lower than the malls can offer. As far as drinking establishments go Beer Mania is really a neighborhood bar that claims to have more than four hundred beers. Anderlecht is the prime location for pub crawling and the far more trendy and upscale establishments can be found in the both Grand Place and St. Gilles. Wonderful cuisine may be found on each corner in Brussels. Actually Brussels is routinely regarded as among the best European cities for its culinary genius. The city has a pleasant temperate climate with warm summers and mild winters as well as a host of sights and delights to entertain. Brussels offers far more than just beer and chocolate. The year 2003 marked the city’s celebration of its cultural variety from its abundant architecture to native hero and singer Jacques Brel by way of a series of cultural events and festivals.