Car Hire Walsall

Arrange a cheap car rental in Walsall deal for your next trip to the West Midlands. The town of Walsall is located in the West Midlands. It is a huge manufacturing and industrial city and is in an area known as the Black Country The city has a considerable population of around 170,000 people and was traditionally residence to a thriving lock making industry. Walsall was a small market place city with weekly markets held up until the time of the industrial revolution when it was transformed into a manufacturing hub to allow for a number of products including chains,locks etc. Limestone quarrying also grew to become a chief source of earnings for the town. Though Walsall grew by leaps and bounds and came to be referred to as the town of 100 trades its growth when in comparison to that of close by metropolis Birmingham isn’t so amazing. This really is attributed towards the late introduction of railways for the city. Walsall is now effectively connected by a bus station and railway station. The leather industry of Walsall had just lately suffered from the Foot and Mouth illness outbreak but regardless of this the marketplace continues to thrive on its worldwide reputation for 1st class good quality leather products.The Walsall Leather Museum is actually housed in a restored factory of leather. It’s located on Littleton Street and is only a brief walking distance from nearby train and bus stations.

You’ll be allowed to witness the story of leather unfolding right in front of your eyes since the museum displays the Walsall leather trade and splendid examples of well-crafted leather products such as the saddles and other riding devices specially manufactured for the Royal Household. It also has leather goods with beautiful modern designs. The museum endeavors to display the tradition of leather items with real craftsmen as living examples of the production and tanning of leather. These skillful craftsmen make distinct leather products such as purses and wallets while you look at them as they operate. This fascinating and useful museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from ten am up to five. It requires no admission charge so essentially anyone can arrive and enjoy its various points of interest and facilities which include a Saddle Area coffee shop among other things. The Walsall Leather Museum will certainly impress you as you uncover how Walsall became the capital of leather items in Britain.

The well-known tourist attractions consist of the Walsall Arboretum along with the New Art Gallery that showcases works by famous painters such as Van Gogh and Monet. It also hosts many modern shopping arcades such as Crown Wharf Retail Park and Park. Walsall has also its very own local football, cricket and hockey clubs. Walsall is home to several famous artists in the entertainment industry. Hire a car in Walsall today and save money. It is the home town of the well-known author Jerome K. Walsall has been traditionally overshadowed by its considerably bigger neighbor Birmingham but has little by little steadily regained its status as an industrial city in the West Midlands. It is one of the most populous city in the West Midlands County.