Car Hire Reading

Make the most of a trip to Berkshire with a car rental Reading deal. Reading has a population of close to one hundred and forty five thousand people within the town itself and a total of over two hundred and thirty thousand people within the city region. Reading is really a vibrant, bustling university city with a large number of student inhabitants. Its past goes back to its founding within the eight century as Readingnum. Scholars think that name was most most likely of Anglo-Saxon origin. During the centuries, Reading has continued to expand with a lot growth taking place via expansion and also annexation of surrounding smaller towns and villages all through the early part of the twentieth century.  It’s expanded towards the edges of the M4 motorway which is now the southern border of the city. Real estate improvement continues apace to this day and lots of people now use Reading as a base from which to commute to other cities and locales. Berkshire as a county is also home to Windsor Castle which is a royal residence of the present monarch.

Due to this Berkshire is entitled to claim the title of Royal County. It’s amongst the oldest actual counties in England dating back to at least the eight century. Both Reading and Berkshire are historic and attractive examples of the ideal England as being a force all through history. The first evidence of the existence of Reading indicates that it was founded in the 8th century exactly where the River Thames and River Kennet converged. Throughout 871 the Vikings occupied the settlement. The settlement grew to six hundred people and was designated as a borough,according to its 1086 Domesday Guide listing. The area played a central function in the English Civil War and changed hands a number of times. A Royalist garrison which was made in city in 1642 was the object of a siege by Parliamentary forces.

The siege succeeded and installed Parliamentary forces in power but the taxes which the new leadership levied severely damaged Reading’s cloth trade from which it would never recover. Reading’s development continued during the twentieth century as it annexed Caversham in Oxfordshire in 1911. Miles Aircraft became an additional renowned local agency during the thirties to the fifties. Established in the seventies the Lower Earley Development would rise to become Europe’s biggest private real estate development extending Reading’s urban areas towards the M4 motorway. Many more significant real estate developments were also put into action. Reading is pronounced as Redding. As you arrive in this town you may be surprised to discover that it’s quite big. It is located in the southern a part of England sitting between Bristol and London. Running through this town you will discover the River Thames. There are some famous people that you  may have heard from who are originally from this city. Chris Tarrant from Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Ricky Gervais the comedian are from Reading. Kate Winslet who also has a road with her name is also from this town. Reading is well-known for the rock festival that it holds each summer and is also home to two universities. It’s also home to football and rugby teams.