Car Hire Melbourne Airport

Fall in love with the city of Melbourne and see it all plus its splendid surroundings with a car rental at Melbourne Airport deal. Melbourne is a city in Australia with a big European influence. There are plenty of cafes and bookshops in the area. In fact many people who live in the area are of Italian or Greek descent. Furthermore, a lot of nationals from different countries also migrated so the population in that area is of mixed heritage. There are many people living in Melbourne which makes it the second most populated city in Australia. In 2010 it was estimated that there were four million people in the area. Locals are called either Melburnians or Melbournians.

What are the popular tourist attractions?

There are a lot of places to go to in Melbourne, Australia such as

1. South Bank

It is found at the Yarra river. Here the Victorian Arts Centre and the Southgate shopping and dining district can be found.

2. Prahran and South Yarra

It is where Chapel Street can be found. Here you will find nightclubs, bars and boutiques. A lot of young people who want to have fun go to this area for their entertainment. When the weekend arrives the streets really come to life.

3. Greville Street

It has a lot of vintage fashion stores. People who love to shop can also go to this area for the weekend market.

4. St. Kilda

It is popular for its beach and sands. It is a bay-side resort with a street life that is very active.

5. Carlton

One may see a lot of student dormitories and housing for the University students. There are a lot of cafes and bookstores in that area.

6. The Royal Botanic Garden

It has a large lawn and many trees. During summer people can watch a play by the Australian Shakespeare Company or watch movies at the Moonlight Cinema.

Visiting Australia is considered a dream holiday for many people living in Ireland and the UK.