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Find a cheap car rental Leicester deal today. We also provide a car rental East Midlands Airport service. Leicester is the largest city within the East Midlands and is within the top twenty biggest cities in England by population. Leicester is unusual in having a higher proportion of its populace aged under thirty five with the largest group by age being those below fifteen years who represent twenty percent of the populace. Leicester is also an ethically diverse town as thirty six percent of its population is Black, Asian or from other ethnic minority backgrounds. Leicester has the usual spread of destinations for visitors to stay in from hostels to 5 star hotels.  Leicester isn’t renowned as a tourist centre and so the accommodation available is mainly from the major chains that can be discovered anywhere. The undoubted oldest structure in Leicester is the Jewry Wall.

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This is a section of ancient wall about five metres high and twenty three metres long alongside Talbot Lane in the city center. Originally known as Hadrian’s bath House its part of what was the Roman baths built there sometime around 130 AD. Regrettably unlike other Roman bath  due to an engineering error the aqueduct that was intended to feed water into the baths was misaligned, resulting in the Roman bathers having to use a cistern to fill the baths by hand. A shocking state of affairs in those days. There is a Jewry Wall Museum which also offers Roman artifacts including Roman milestones from nearby Fosse Way and mosaic floor-tiles. Enclosed within the same grounds is St Martin’s, Leicester Cathedral and in-between Guildhall Lane and Peacock Lane is the Guildhall. This half-timbered building was initially constructed within the late 14th century and has through the ages been the Town Hall as well as a prison and a police station. Now open to the public the warped beams and rickety floor in the Hall immediately demonstrate that you’re inside a truly ancient creating. It was formally occupied by the town’s library making it the third oldest community library within the UK.

For the more ghoulish visitors it is reputed to be one of the most haunted building in Leicester. You can see the old prison cells and also the problems endured by their captives and in case you wish you can see the gibbet from which the bodies of the hanged had been put on public display up until the mid nineteenth century. Whilst in this region you can also visit the cathedral. Nevertheless, apart from the finely carved medieval wooden entrance porch  there is little evidence of the original 11th century building. Refurbished in 2006 and early 2007 Newarke Home Museum is housed in two 16th century buildings. Its main theme is the every day existence of 20th Century Leicester with galleries dedicated to displays on the story of immigration into Leicester as well as the Teddy Boy era along with a recreation of shopping in the forties. The museum also features the history of the Royal Leicestershire regiment.