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Don’t miss out! Grab a cheap car rental Istanbul Airport offer today. Istanbul may not be the capital of Turkey but it is the countries greatest city and the economic industrial and cultural centre of Turkey. With a constantly expanding population of about twelve and a half million, Istanbul is the fifth biggest metropolis in the world. It is surrounded by the Sea of Marmara, the Golden Horn and the Bosporus Strait as well as the Black Sea. The city is linked extensively with sea ports. The metropolis is serviced by 2 international airports. The main airport (Atatürk) currently being within the European part and the smaller sized airport terminal on the Asian side. Istanbul can also be effortlessly reached through its train and coach hyperlinks even though its port is considered to be the most important in the nation. Handy travelling choices are abundant within the city with a subway, light rail and trams. Istanbul features the greatest amount of golf courses at present in Turkey. New golf courses are at the moment becoming made along the touristic areas within the Aegean coastal resort towns however Istanbul continues to lead the golfing sector with 3 of the country’s most significant clubs. As Istanbuls local weather can vary remarkably visiting the city in either summer or winter can provide drastically diverse attractions. Impacted by the Black Sea to the north and the Mediterranean from the south summers are humid with temperatures averaging about twenty eight degrees celcius while the winters reach around five degrees with snowfall not unusual.The city of Istanbul in turkey is sometimes also referred to Constantinople.

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Istanbul contains thirty nine districts. Atatürk Airport is the main international airport terminal in Istanbul.It opened in 1924 and is located in Yesilköy, around the European side of the city. It is twenty four kilometres from the city centre. In the year 1980 the airport was renamed as Father of the Turks Airport in honor of Mustafa Kemal the founder along with the first president of the Republic of Turkey. With passenger numbers of thirty two million for the year 2010, it’s in the top 40 airports on the earth with regards to visitors and also the twentieth busiest in the world in terms of global passenger visitors. It was Europe’s eighth busiest airport in 2010. Shopping in this vibrating metropolis is a fascinating experience. The city gives you plenty of opportunities that ranges from its traditional retailers to branches of big shopping malls in Istanbul. Foreigners taking flights to Istanbul love to visit Grand Bazaar which is among the world’s largest markets and will give you an unforgettable browsing experience. Its the world’s biggest covered bazaar and is a fascinating spot to walk along the streets with jewellery and fine boutiques on offer. Istanbul is a city with astonishing beauty.

Istanbul is distinctive because it is the only metropolis on earth that lies in two continents – Europe and Asia. The heart of Istanbul is the Sultanahmet which is also the heart of Ottoman Empire. If you would like to visit Istanbul than you can start off your tour from here. After Sultanahmet you can find lots of destinations to visit. One of the most common places is Taksim where it is possible to shop and stay in hotels. Taksim identified in Beyoglu District is a spot with aged apartments like an old European district.