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Hire a car in Guernsey for your next visit. We offer a cheap car rental Guernsey Airport service. The airport is located in Forest which is a parish in Guernsey two and a half miles southwest of St. Peters Port. Construction began on a brand new terminal building in 2002, which became operational on the nineteenth of April 2004. The old terminal was demolished in 2004 to create space for additional aircraft stands along with a passenger walkway in the new terminal. The new terminal ought to be capable of handling about one and a quarter million passengers per yr. In 2009, over 9.37 million people used the international airport with over fifty seven thousand aircraft movements. Guernsey and its sister islands of Sark, Alderney and Herm enjoy much more hours of sunshine per yr than anywhere else in the British Isles and Guernsey beaches are amongst the greatest discovered anywhere.

An abundance of top-class restaurants, with locally caught shellfish a specialty are a delight as are the magnificent cliff top walks with views of the neighboring islands. A rich French heritage could be found in Guernsey with the main legacy becoming the vast majority of streets in the isle retaining their French names and many cafe’s providing al fresco dining within the summer much like a Parisian side street. May 9th is a national holiday in Guernsey. Marked by Winston Churchill since the day – Our Dear Channel Islands are also to be freed today. It is also a special day for Islanders as they celebrate the end of the oppressive occupation of the Isle by German forces which lasted nearly 5 years.

A harmonious mix of incredible scenery and modern day living is what you ought to expect when going to Guernsey. The small group of islands lie within the English Channel close to the French Shore in Normandy. A mix of stunning beaches, walking paths and rambles all over the isle, Guernsey appears to have it all. The island’s capital, St Peter, is a very vivid port town, a patchwork of cultures and languages. This is not surprising, because the Channel Islands are closer to the France coast therefore, you can find a mixture of France and English dialects. There are typical pubs and France bistros, dining places and small cheese houses, small shopping malls with incredible range for their size, and numerous ferry boats that can take you either to France or even the other sister islands. Guernsey offers a far more relaxed way of existence than anyplace else in Britain and may be the ideal place to relax and unwind.

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Culture, background, fantastic scenery, fantastic beaches and best rated restaurants make Guernsey a location you will definitely want to go to and return to time and time again. There really is some thing for everyone. Due to the occupation of the Channel Islands by the Germans during World War 2, there are lots of bunkers, forts and emplacements to be found in Guernsey. A specific highlight being the German Underground Hospital built by slaves throughout the war and very carefully restored.

The isle of Guernsey is part of the UK and loyal towards the crown, something that may be confirmed when looking back through Norman times. The island is autonomous and self governing, retaining the exact same degree of autonomy and independence since it had been included within the UK. Guernsey isn’t only famous for its beaches and also the lovely nature, but also for a constant and solid economy. Many offshore organizations, banks and insurance agencies are situated on the isle, since the fiscal affairs and economical structure of the island enables them to work easily and peacefully. Guernsey boasts its own currency even though you are able to still use the typical British Pound.