Car Hire Gdansk Airport

Finding a car rental Gdansk Airport deal is simple and takes just a few minutes of your time using our booking engine. There are several Gdansk companies. Our booking engine works by sourcing prices from many of the best local companies making it simple to compare the merits of each vehicle. Using a price comparison service is a superb way to save your self time and cash. Gdansk Airport can be found twelve kilometres to the North West of the city. Its official name is Gda?sk Lech Wa??sa Airport. Lech Wa??sa is a former president of Poland. The airport was opened in 1974 replacing the old Wrzeszcz Airport.

Gdansk is situated on the Baltic Coast in the North of Poland. It is well known as a seaport and has seen various eras of rule from Polish and German governments.

Similar to many other Polish cities the arrival of low cost airlines has significantly improved passenger numbers at Gdansk Airport. Numbers have increased dramatically since the middle of the decade.

Ryanair currently flies to Gdansk from Dublin, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Stansted, Weeze, Alicante and more while Wizz Air offers flights from Gdansk to destinations such as Cork, Prestwick, Doncaster, Luton, Liverpool and many more. Some other airlines operating at Gdansk Airport include Jet Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Air Italy and Sky Airlines.

There is also the option of taking a bus from the airport to Gdansk City. This service takes around half an hour and is run by ZKMS Gdansk. The price at the time of writing is two euro. A taxi should take around fifteen minutes to get to the city and costs around twelve euro.