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Darling Dalaman

Dalaman International Airport is the entry point to much of Turkeys most stunning Mediterranean resorts such as the classic Fethiye and Atakoy as well as the more lively escapes of Marmaris and Hisaronu.

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It is known as much for its nightlife as its lovely enclaves. Located within the charming village of Sultaniye, which is only a brief drive away you will find the thermal spas which offer the ultimate in organic pampering.

Relax in Dalaman

With water that steadily bubbles at warm temperatures these soothing mineral waters are great for relaxation as well as having a real therapeutic benefit and are frequently employed to treat complaints such as rheumatism and blood disorders.

Turkish Baths

Even closer are the Turkish Baths in Ortaca. This is the place to visit if you would like to get really smooth skin.

Here you get to luxuriate within the fabulous warm waters and have your skin gently scrubbed down by a expert employee along with a massage with organic olive soap before leaving like a whole new person.

Outdoor Activities in Dalaman

At the other end of the activity scale are those experiences guaranteed to get the heart thumping so if lying around being pampered is not your thing, then it may possibly be time to get in a spot of white water rafting in the Dalaman River.

Enjoy a safari up the mountain too or some adrenaline pumping action to the rapids and if you have acquired the belly for it enjoy a chilled out barbecue afterwards, you will have earned it.

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Popular Holiday Spot

There was a time when visitors thought of Dalaman Turkey as being a spot they passed through en route to a vacation resort in another part of the country.

Now times have changed for this fast growing Mediterranean town. Positioned in a perfect place south of the coastal road, Dalaman by itself is speedily becoming a favourite holiday location, making it a prime location for investors as well as tourists. 

Tourist infrastructure and facilities are continually developing and strengthening. Work has begun on a new yacht marina and a new terminal has been finished at the airport to which direct flights can be found from numerous European cities.

Flights to Dalaman

You can travel at any time to Dalaman as you’ll find quite a few flights readily available. The best time to travel to Dalaman is from April to June which is spring. The weather is moderate with longer days. Further more there aren’t too many vacationers during this period and this may help you get less expensive flights.

In the event you are preparing to travel during the later period from September to October, it is the 2nd best time to visit Dalaman.

Best Time of Year to Visit Dalaman

In autumn the days are a lot shorter when compared with spring and it could rain in October. Nevertheless, the weather conditions are mild at this time.

If the very hot weather you are after then you will want to spend summer time in Dalaman with temperatures ranging from the twenties to high thirties.

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