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Have a look at our low cost car hire Alghero Airport rates. It offers great flexibility when holidaying in Sardinia. There is no doubt that Sardinia is one of the most blissful destinations in all of Europe and that’s why it stays a continuing favourite with holiday makers. It is full of great sand beaches and waters involving dreamy pale blue colors. Sardinia is also prosperous in archaeological treasures and proof of its historic past is scattered throughout the island.

Alghero is really a fantastic location to begin even though not one of the most traditionally Sardinian. This region is heavily influenced by the Catalonians with Catalan still the official language. It is a mecca for sun worshippers and marine lovers with a wide selection of sports obtainable from windsurfing through to yachting, Sardinia is packed full of archaeological and architectural wonders that are worth exploring.

There are three possible airports for entry. Alghero Fertilia Airport is located in the northeast while Olbia Airport terminal is situated in the northwest. You will find Cagliari Airport terminal in the south. For people flying into Alghero Airport however an entire host of treats lay in store. Sardinia Alghero International Airport also known as Fertilia is situated twelve km north outside of the city of Alghero.

Over one million passengers arrived through its gates last yr. For those who do not need to be by the seaside and desire a bit more of the cultural area of Alghero there is the old city. Dating back to the twelfth century the old city centre is really a thing that needs to be seen up close to be totally appreciated. Have lunch along the battlements looking out to sea or take a stroll through the cobble stone streets.

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Not far from Sardinia Alghero Airport is Anghelu Ruju which is a necropolis found only in 1903. This network of underground tombs date again to Neolithic periods and are intricately adorned inside with pillars as well as bulls heads.

Although the findings have already been moved away, replicas can be discovered on the Museo e Tenuta Vitivinicola situated one kilometre up the Porte Torres street. You will discover no refreshments on sale near the tombs so bring your own refreshments with you.

A visit to this thriving port wouldn’t be comprehensive without a trip to to the Grotta di Nettuno or NeptuneĀ“s Grotto. The caverns may be reached by boat or by road and are situated at the bottom of over six hundred steps cut into the cliff wall. The views are breathtaking all the way down looking out over the sea and when the stalactites and stalagmites are lit up to for greatest effect. Tours last around forty five minutes and cost about ten euro.

You can find several churches and historical destinations of interest to go to and many guided excursions to assist so be sure you do not miss anything at all. The region of Alghero does needless to say spread beyond the boundaries of the metropolis.

There is Porto Conte with its organic wildlife reserve that spreads along the coast line in complete organic magnificence. Reachable both by land or by boat excursion there is also Capo Caccia which is a must for any visitor to Alghero.

Alghero is a Catalan town so while much of the cuisine offered is Italian you will also discover a couple of Catalan influences. Why not attempt Paella Algherese or Catalan lobster served chilly with fresh tomato and onion. You will find several Sardinian specialities to try for example roast suckling pig or Seadas which is a pastry filled with Goats cheese and topped with honey.