Snow Chains for your Ski Car Hire

Those of you who are considering a ski holiday this year may require snow chains for your rental car. These provide traction when driving through winter conditions. When using the chains your speed will be limited to usually around thirty miles per hour.

The chains should always be fitted to the driving wheels of your hire car. So for instance if you are driving a rear wheel drive then the chains must be fitted to the rear wheels and the opposite scenario if you hire a front wheel drive. If hiring a four wheel drive then simply fit the chains to the front wheels.

Ensure before setting off that the chains are attached correctly. Don’t use a jack when attaching the chains as this can be treacherous in winter weather. Position the hoops on the wheels and slowly drive in forward and reverse motion to test. Ensure that the inner hoop has been secured firmly. At this stage you can position the free bit of chain at the exterior of the tyre and secure firmly over the lever. Attach the keeper over the end of the end lever and put any left over chain over the lever.

Try out the chains carefully with a short spin. Retighten them if necessary. Take your time and do not leave the car hire premises until you are fully comfortable with driving.

It will take a little bit of time to get used to the snow chains. Always be aware of how fast you are traveling. Only use snow chains when necessary.