Ski Car Hire Tips

Whenever you hire a car you should make sure to check out its condition thoroughly. If you should find any noticeable damage then you should inform the attendant straight away. Take special note of items such as tyres, wheels, windows and the underside of the vehicle.  The same goes for when you return the car. Wait for a sign off that everything is ok from the attendant before rushing off if at all possible.

Here are some safety tips for driving during your ski holiday:

• Always turn on your fog lights and head lights during snowfall
• Leave a reasonable distance between your hire car and other cars on the road
• Practice gently braking while driving slowly on a quiet road
• If you meet a car on a hilly road allow the car going uphill to pass first as it can be difficult to restart on a hill if the car cuts out.
• Don’t unnecessarily use top gears when driving on tight roads
• If you do happen to skid, do not brake but rather try and steer the car to safety
• Accelerate slowly and steadily
• Avoid braking on tight corners where possible
• Watch out for large buses carrying tourists to ski destinations

Ski Car Hire Tips 1

A lot of theses tips will of course work for driving at any time or place rather than just for ski holiday destinations.