Good Day Trips To Take From Dublin

Ireland is one of the best countries in the world. It offers gorgeous countryside, fascinating history, interesting ruins like old castles, and lots of friendly locals. If you are traveling in or around Dublin, there is lots to do within driving distance of this city. Here are some ideas for day trips from Dublin.

Consider taking a trip to Blarney Castle. You can walk through this ancient and majestic castle while you have a tour guide tell you of the history of its building, and what happened to its former inhabitants. Of course, you will want to kiss the Blarney Stone, which supposedly gives everybody a glib tongue and the gift of gab. While you are in the area, you may want to stop in Cobh, a quaint village that offers some excellent chances for souvenir shopping, in addition to some cafes that have great traditional Irish fare. Make the most of your trip with a cheap Dublin Airport car hire deal.

Some spots in Ireland are truly wonderful to look at. Some places near the ocean may dazzle you with the gorgeous vistas. Galway Bay and The Cliffs of Moher will not disappoint you. You can look out from towering stone cliffs into the awesome blue of the Atlantic Ocean. In some spots, you will be able to drive and see an awesome view for miles. Be sure to bring a camcorder or camera so you can show your friends back home.

If you enjoy history, you will probably like Boyne Valley. This place has tombs and other structures that are over 5000 years old. Some archeologists think the tombs here may be even older than the pyramids in Egypt. The tombs can look foreboding and scary, and there are rumors of ghosts still haunting these ancient grounds.

A day trip to Belfast is another recommended trip. In this city you can discover many facts about Ireland’s history, including the reasons for much of their civil unrest. Take a look at the Irish Republican History Museum, and see artifacts representing the struggle for Irish freedom. There are also several huge cathedrals with marvelous architecture. You can also stop by the Harland and Wolff docks, where the famous Titanic ship was built.

If you are in Dublin, there is no shortage of interesting things around to do. Hop in a car and take a trip to the Blarney Castle. Or simply drive to the cliffs and see some truly stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the nearby Atlantic ocean. For a person who likes history, you may enjoy visiting Boyne Valley with its tombs that are thousands of years old. The capitol Belfast is an good stop as well, and offers a different perspective on the Irish fight for freedom, in addition to great museums and other sights of interest.